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Game crashes after trying to start

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I click on the *online.exe* and run as administrator. The launcher comes up and I click start game. A black window appears like the game is about to start then immediately disappears. I tried all the resolutions and also re installing the game. I updated directx and my graphics card and nothing. I did get an error in the log folder from the PSO main folder. The error said -

Error : Can't find DisplayMode

Error : Can't use format [D3DFMT_X8R8G8B8]
Error : Can't find DisplayMode
Error : Can't use format [D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8]
Any ideas what I should do would help.
Also the same thing happened with the Schthack pso exe.
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I'm pretty sure this is directly related to how your PC handles memory which may be hard to troubleshoot. It seems that it may be a problem with Windows not PSOBB it self.

But before I accuse windows of it, Have you tried running it in Normal screen format instead of Widescreen? Also may I have your PC specs?

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Well if someone else runs in this problem, I figured it out. It was my direct3D Acceleration from my directx. It was turned off. I read up on PSOBB original site and they said it needs to be turned on for the game to run. So I had to download a directx 9.0 control panel to turn it on. It works great now. Now time to game!

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