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Server is going to come back xD


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Ultima is coming back

Hello to all who may read this.First of all i want to thanks my Wife love you baby xD Thanks. for all the support she give me.secondly i want to apologias to all the player from Ultima. the close of the server was unexpected to all. but this announce is to communicate all the player out therethat your home is about to return, very soon Ultimawill open the doors Again. We where off for about almost 4 weeks, we are workingin the server to make it better and with a few new things.so stay tuned for more info.



This communicate is to inform all the warriors out there,since the time warriors left Ultima ,Ragol has been with out protection.

Monsters start to invade Ragol, huge waves of Rare monsters are everywhereThe force of willingness is near of the oblivion

Once more we request your help to clean this heart, return it to the Elision Fields it was before.

Land of Kings and warriors.

Ultima your home ask for your help

this next Saturday will open the doors of Chaos. Oct-24-2009Spanish:

Este comunicado es para informar a todos lo Guerreros haya afuera, desde el tiempo que los guerreros se ausentaron

de Ultima, Ragol quedo desprotegido , grandes olas de Monstruos raros estan por doquier

las fuerzas del bien se ven muy cerca del Olvido

debido a la cantidad inmensa de enemigos, una vez mas solicitamos tu ayuda para limpiar esta tierra

y regresar la a los campos Elision que era antes, Tierra de Reyes y Guerreros.

Ultima Tu propio Hogar pide tu ayuda.

este próximo Sábado abriremos las puertas del Caos. Oct-24-2009

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im glad I still count of you Elysion xD.

the forum will remain close until the server is re open completely. the normal member still cant enter the forum

thanks to all my friends , i hope to c the rest of the staff here.

c ya

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Elision for now you are out of danger... you aren't the first person that I will kill... but don't worry you are the next on the list <_<

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Guess Something im already dead....

The death unites her lips with mine, and felt fear, and by the fear, I felt cold, but at the same time, I felt the heat of the flames of hell in every part of my scared body.....

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