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Found 6 results

  1. Hello family!! 😄 I want to do this so that those who want to get their TypeSH /Shot or another of the TYPE weapons mentioned below, can get it more easily :3 Feel free to add or correct me if i'm wrong or missing anything. Here's the Video-Guide on Youtube :3 Please watch if you lose reading all this lol, it's more easy i think... Thank you very much to saith @Fyrewolf5 for showing me the best route for this mission Muchas gracias a @Palutena y a @GrimNoiR Por ayudarme a grabar la vídeo guía :3 los amo ❤️ No saliste en los videos pero igual te menciono porque eres asi de wapo ❤️ @serverus Thank you all very much for viewing this guide, please support me so that in the not too distant future I will make a guide on how to obtain Type weapons in Beach laughter, I know that these weapons are already available with dts but, well, the satisfaction of having taken them out yourself with your sweat....That satisfaction is not overcome by anything 😄
  2. Want a SONIC TEAM ARMOR Arrest Needle Psycho Raven Snow Queen Mags and Cells? Survive this SCAVENGER HUNT. Proove your WILL, your PATIENCE, your SKILL, your BRAIN. I repeat.. use your BRAIN. really use you BRAIN This is a 6-Staged Scavenger Hunt. Access to the 1st stage will be granted right here. When: Monday, 8th of July 2019, 20:00 CET. A riddle will be given to you. The solution of this very riddle is the password to a room on the Ultima Ship. Somewhere, you will encounter a character who will - for an Item Request - exchange information about how to get to the next stage of this Scavenger Hunt. Retrieving the correct item will grant you a REWARD and SCAVENGER POINTS of which I will keep track for each participant. GET READY! HAPPY SCAV'ING.
  3. Looking to buy TypeSH/Shot with Demon's special and 80% hit (or near max) for 50 DTs - PM or reply. Thanks!
  4. SELL > BANANA CANNON [35/0/45/0|30] : 35 DTs BUY > All your Photon Crystal Red Odoshi Domaru Black Odoshi Domaru Yasha Heart of Poumn : 50 hit min Raikiri (min 80 hit please, it's a ROCT reward) Nei's Claw (real) : 30 hit min Bamboo Spear : 30 hit min Also please, since this kind of stuff is rarely sold, I would ask you to tell what's your price. I will haggle depending on the price of course, but don't feel silly to set a "wrong price" because you don't know how much it values. There is no wrong price and I'll not hold it against you, there is just you wanting something and me wanting something else =) Probably the most expansive in all of that is the Nei's Claw (real), the other stuff are just goodies mostly.
  5. Did you ever wished you can use glowing white rifle? Then trade with me TYPE GU/Gun and we'll have a good deal! Thank. I'm go to grocery store. Hope respond. Edit: Also it doesn't have a special or stats.
  6. Please teach me!!!! The Q's: How do i achieve Type/Weps? -Quests/Steps etc ( i dont know if i can rely on pso-world.com) Whats the difference between Type/Weps and S-ranks? ( the only thing i saw is that s-ranks can be grinded more often..and more ATA???) What about the specials on Type/Weps? How to add specials on those? (I know Type/weps are blank - like s-ranks. U can add specials on s ranks with gallons shop. Does not work for type/ right?) ..and why are there no Type/knuckles xD ???? Thanks in advance!!!
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