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Found 3 results

  1. Hoi! Magic Rock "Heart Key" is dropping for this event and I've seen plenty of people wanting to make items from it. Getting an Invisible Guard for Safety Heart is easy enough from BPD1 (rappy route - hard) but some folk seem to be struggling to get the Spirit Garment to make the Love Heart/Sweetheart. You can hunt it from several enemies but the drop rate isn't too great. For all you folk that have been spamming Sim 2.0 (EP 1 - multimode - ultima) THERE IS ANOTHER WAY!!! Sim 2.0 is only available on ultimate btw. Finishing the run gives you "secret tickets" (you also sometimes get them for finishing stages within the run. I usually end up with about 4 or 5 per run) but what do you do with them??? You go to EP1 - oneplayer mode - side quests and load this: Once the quest has loaded go to forest 1 and talk to the guy by the gate. Answer the top option when prompted and he'll unlock it for you: Ignore the wandering rappies for now and talk to the one sitting on the wreckage. Pick the top option again: Now talk to one of the other rappies. Pick the top option once again and you'll be given a random item from the list of rewards: If you want to get back to Pioneer 2 after this just talk to the rappy on the wreckage again and he'll reopen the gate. Here is a list of rewards that I managed to pull from the web. I've not been able to verify all of them but seems correct enough. Maybe a GM can confirm this at some point? All weapons are 0'd and all armour is min just like BPD. I just ran through 45 tickets in about an hour and got 2 Spirit Garments. This has been my first guide. Hope you find it useful. NOW GO GET LOVED UP
  2. Thatguy

    Quest Request

    Ok what I'm thinking is that it would be nice if we could have a quest made in which the rewards were item tickets, I know there was an item ticket event some time ago but it would be awesome to use the items that you can get by using item tickets. I understand that there are some exclusive weapons in the Item Present quest and it would be nice to use them even if they are just gimmicks, also there are some nice mag cells which would be fun to get a hold of. So what I propose is that the quest be laid out like is something like this... -10min time limit which you are in one room and enemies spawn in realitively large waves (maybe 20 enemies per wave? give or take a few) until you kill them all which would be 100-150 basic enemies i.e booma, boota, gibbons, etc With a final wave of 3-5 Special enemies i.e Delsabers, Astarks, Sinow Zele, etc. -No items drop what so ever because it would turn into a quest to spam, to hunt weapons and such, which we don't want to happen. -Only playable in Ultimate with the reward being 2 Item Tickets and maybe a small amount of meseta for your trouble (7500) -Scape Dolls should not work, if you die you lose. -Also if this does get made an awesome song should be playing to get you hyped up, i.e burning rangers or scatman lol For An added challenge so you really have to work for your prize... -make the room dark with only 1 switch that you have to stand on to keep the light on located in the center of the battle area. -have one of those annoying freeze turret traps with high health so you dont blow it up with 1 hit located in the corners (2 in total in stage) -Make the quest single player only, to make it really tough. Basically its very close to the black paper deal quests except harder, because after all the prize is quite useful. Also putting Item Tickets would add to the games "economy" as some people call it, so it would be used in trade along with pds,pcs and normal trading stuff. I think reintroducing Item Tickets back to Ultima would make many players very very happy.
  3. So I checked my bank just few mins ago and basically every weapon unitarmour ad item was gone what do I do now
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