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Found 8 results

  1. I sell 6 Halo Rappy Soul ; 1 for 5 PDs
  2. B> panther's soul or tail pm me price and stats in case panther tail
  3. Hello Ultima! Today I have on auction 10x Halo Rappy Souls! Starting Bid: 8dts/50pds (6.6 ratio) End Date: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/237860/my-countdown Rules: 1. If you back out, you can't bid again. 2. Bids (within reason) remain even if bidder backs out. 3. Accepting dts/pds only, and must have them ready if you win. 4. Instant buyout: 1 cent/battle lol 5. No pms about buying the item please, just bid here. 6. No unnecessary comments please. 7. There will be a small gift for the winner ^^ 8. I reserve the right to disqualify any bid/bidder at my discretion. 9. I reserve the right to add/remove rules at my discretion.
  4. Willing to buy a soul booster. I have DTs and PDs. hit me up with an offer in my inbox. thanks
  5. As stated in title. I have more than 1 for sale, so pm me even if it appears I sold one!
  6. Buying a Soul Booster with DTS. PM me your price please Edit: also buying a bringers arm or rifle
  7. Auction ends 9am server time Friday January 29th. Starting bid 30 dts from JanenbaDMS
  8. I'm kind of getting worn out hunting these, so if anyone happens to tek em Ill give you a PD for it I'll update the topic as I find/buy how many I want Currently Need: 9 Soul Edges 7 Devil Beams
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