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Found 8 results

  1. Want a SONIC TEAM ARMOR Arrest Needle Psycho Raven Snow Queen Mags and Cells? Survive this SCAVENGER HUNT. Proove your WILL, your PATIENCE, your SKILL, your BRAIN. I repeat.. use your BRAIN. really use you BRAIN This is a 6-Staged Scavenger Hunt. Access to the 1st stage will be granted right here. When: Monday, 8th of July 2019, 20:00 CET. A riddle will be given to you. The solution of this very riddle is the password to a room on the Ultima Ship. Somewhere, you will encounter a character who will - for an Item Request - exchange information about how to get to the next stage of this Scavenger Hunt. Retrieving the correct item will grant you a REWARD and SCAVENGER POINTS of which I will keep track for each participant. GET READY! HAPPY SCAV'ING.
  2. Chriscal


    Hello, I haven't played in a while and I've decided its time to sell my STA. I have some other good gear as well High Hit Lindcray, Glide V0 etc.... As I'm not playing much anymore, I'm not looking for DT's. If anyone wants to offer anything other than in-game items or DT's I'd be happy to trade some of my gear.
  3. Xcotoco


    Wants: RA STUFFS Example: (yas9000 charge and demon 80 hit, Iron faust SET, Yasminkov 7000 80 hit hell, OR DTS
  4. Buying STA if anyone is selling. PM with interests.
  5. At level 200 most classes will have sonic team armor and red ring equipped most of the time putting their resistances to 110/110/110/85/85 so that gives you full immunity to all elemental attacks except light and dark ones. I notice a lot of max stat plans have using adept to max out being more optimal than centurion/arms because of the 6 resistances. What I'm wondering is what difference 91 resistance in light and dark will make. What do you survive or have a better chance of surviving with 6 more resistances in light and dark. Of course if you want full immunity you equip a wizard/resist.
  6. I am done with this PGF hunt garbage... so! it is time to sell an STA! WANTS Dark flow N/D or D/AB *will also consider a clean one* Centurion/Battle any Red Ring Wedding Dress DT's *will not sell unless a DF is part of this deal* A Dark flow + Cent/Battle is the winning combo here PM ME!
  7. i see alot of debate going on about STA drop rates and i thought it might be a good idea to list everyone who has found sta here. basically who has found an sta or two, and how many runs they did. I have no idea who has found what so you need to comment here and tell me and ill write it down. Yes i realize not enough have been found to get a reliable average... also HH is a factor. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$hi$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%sup%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Ricardo Gomes: ---------------------------120 runs, 1 STA Midori:------------------------------------------500 runs approx? 2 STA PoleClimber2015:--------------------------30 runs, 1 STA (Viridia) r-78:---------------------------------------------117 runs, 1 STA (Purple) ultrajerky:--------------------------------------85 runs, 1 STA (Purple) Killroy909:-------------------------------------23 runs, 1 STA (Purple)
  8. Well kids, an STA is a horrible affliction that can totes happen to your E-peen. STA's come from icky E-vagins, and should be avoided at all costs.. DO NOT WANT. grills are gross and you should only associate with other E-peens, you don't want STA's afterall.... right? we all know the leading cause of STA's is grills.. and their icky E-Vagins! THIS IS FACT! you remember when that famous hollywood "Christian baled" yelled at the lighting guy? well that wasn't because he is an egotistical ass pirate, oh nooo sir. it's bcuz of STA's! the grills dun gooft up his E-peen like some kinda goofy science volcano, it was gushin yo! at least christian bale sucks... the best hollywood is Paulie shore. remember... grills r bad. also wtf is this? why am i typing this?
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