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Found 7 results

  1. Shop closed Thank you for all the sales, I'm opening a new shop shortly, just most of the items from this one were sold XD.
  2. I guess it's about time I make a trade list...... Assume prices are via the price guide, but post/PM if curious. Weapons w/ Hit Weapons Armor Shields Units Techs Animal Parts Misc Current Equips (likely not for trade) WANTS
  3. Done selling techs, sorry :/
  4. Welcome~ Weapons: Monkey King Bar (50% Machine) Flowen Sword +9 (Real) Flight Cutter Lavis Cannon Vivienne Double Cannon (20% hit) Daylightscar - L&K38 Combat +25 Master Raven +2 Shields: Cat Ears Bunny Ears Virus Shield:Vol Opt Merges: Shifta Merge Rabarta Merge Gizonde Merge Yellow Merge Misc: Rappy's Beak Syncesta x2 Godric/Ability Amplifier of Red Amplifier of Blue - - - - That's about it sorry for it being short and not having much to trade....
  5. Gush Gladius +8 0/20/0/0/40 Gush Gladius +1 0/0/20/25/35 Demon's Gladius 50/0/0/50/30 Charge Gladius 40/25/0/0/40 Arrest Gladius +2 0/0/0/0/50 Charge Calibur 0/50/0/50/30 Blizzard Calibur +3 0/0/45/50/40 Gush Calibur 0/0/50/50/30 Berserk Gungnir +3 0/0/30/0/40 Berserk Ripper 0/0/0/20/45 Gush Ripper 0/20/0/0/30 Charge Gatling +8 5/0/0/0/50 Charge Laser +8 0/0/0/0/50 Hell Arms 0/50/0/50/30 Berserk Arms +1 0/35/20/0/25 Demon's Vulcan 0/0/0/40/30 Lavis Cannon 0/35/0/0 Agito 1975 0/10/0/10 Agito 1975 10/10/0/0 Demolition Comet 35/0/0/0/35 Demolition Comet 0/0/35/0/40 Demolition Comet 30/20/0/0/50 Demolition Comet 0/35/0/0/40 Ophelie Seize 0/0/0/35/25 Vivienne 0/0/15/0/25 Frozen Shooter 40/15/0/0/15 Cannon Rouge 0/0/30/15 Electro Frame Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou Heavenly/Arms x Too Many Addslots x 83 Rappy's Beak x 18 Interested in MG+, PDs, and other good items. Just make an offer! NOTE: Armors come with 4 addslots
  6. Hi, im listing my stuff here, so if there is someone interested in any of these, let me know through here or pm or ingame. My character name is: Lutz SELLING / TRADING: Rare Weapons: Normal Weapons: Armors / Frames: Shields / Barriers Units: Techniques: Others: Wish List: Photon Drops King Striker Grantz 27+ 3 seals Techs Lv. 30 TP Material Mind Material Other good stuffs
  7. + Gingerr's // Pepperr's Trade && Wish List + I got jealous of all the neat trade && wish lists; so I made my own. Most of the items are about 1-2PD, some a tad bit more. Just ask the price and whatnot. + SWORDS + Blade Dance x 2 Bloody Art Cross Scar Yamato x 3 Musashi Vivienne Elysion Double Saber Photon Claw Victor Axe Booma's Claw + GUNS + Varista VISK-235W M&A60 Vise x 3 H&S25 Justice x 2 L&K14 Combat x 2 Demon's Arms +2 Meteor Smash Inferno Bazooka Frozen Shooter Guilty Light x 2 + ARMORS && SHIELDS + Star Cuirass Select Cloak Congeal Cloak Light Relief Proto Regene Gear Graviton Plate Red Coat Flowen's Shield Standstill Shield Striker Plus + MISC + UPDATED SOON
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