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Found 12 results

  1. So, I just hit level 100 on my huney :3 I just am not sure where I should be improving my set up. I have a few PD's to spend I'm mostly running on a +50 vivi with 35% hit and don't have much else to suit me, a dragon slayer for AoE but I'm not really a fan.. Currently running a custom frame v.00 and secret gear, along with lvl 20 S/D/J/Z/R Where should I go for for more gear? Was thinking Kroe's sweater or BOVN I also saw someone run a Sue's Coat with Cat ears for supportive gameplay which I like, I mained FoNey Thank you for the help
  2. Hola, como estan, provengo de venezuela y quiero saludar a todos agradeciendo la buena comunidad que poseen
  3. Fury.of the beast 0/0/0/45. 35 hit 10 dts Ultima reaper 0/0/35/0. 45 hit. Sold Sange and yasha 0/35/0/30. 40 hit. Sold Crimson sword 0/0/55/0 10dts used orb Does not need hit Master sword 15/40/0/40 sold Crush cannon 0/0/0/0 60 hit. Sold 19Excalibur [0/0/35/35|0] sold 20Excalibur [35/0/0/35|0] sold Pm i will get back to you faster
  4. Looking to sell a Sue's Coat. Price is 60 PD. Or I will take trades of BKB, Red sword with hit, Chromatic Orb, etc. Let me know if you'd like to take a look at it
  5. shanglong


    153 power mats 5=1 pd
  6. Looking for PDs mostly, may take items WEAPONS: SANGE & YASHA 0/25/0/0/45 - 10 PD SANGE & YASHA 25/0/45/0/35 - 6 PD SANGE & YASHA 45/0/0/0/35 - 5 PD SANGE & YASHA 0/40/0/0/35 - 5 PD SANGE & YASHA 0/35/0/0/35 - 5 PD SANGE & YASHA 0/35/0/50/30 - 4 PD SANGE & YASHA 0/0/0/35/30 - 3 PD KALADBOLG 20/0/40/0/35 - 2 PD STAG CUTLERY 30/15/0/0/25 - 1 PD RED SABER 30/0/0/0/35 - 2 PD RED SWORD 0/30/35/0/0 - 6 PD RIKA'S CLAW 0/40/40/0/0 - 2 PD RIKA'S CLAW 0/0/40/0/0 - 2 PD DEMOLITION COMET 0/30/0/0/35 - 2 PD DEMOLITION COMET 0/35/15/0/25 - 1 PD DEMOLITION COMET 0/25/0/0/25 - 1 PD FLAMBERGE 25/0/0/0/40 - 3 PD UNITS: SWORDSMAN LORE - 1 PD SWORDSMAN LORE - 1 PD SMARTLINK - 4 PD
  7. Isai

    Ichi's Shop

    Hi guys I think it's about time I open a PD shop as well. Feel free to browse! HUnter Weapons Charge Ripper +8 0/5/0/0/50 1 pd Burning Ripper +8 0/0/25/40/20 1 pd Master Sawcer +4 45/0/0/0/40 1 pd Hell Diska 0/15/30/0/30 1 pd Cross Scar 0/0/0/0/40 1 pd God Hand 0/20/0/0/15 1 pd Vjaya +7 30/0/0/0/30 2 pd Agito (1975) 0/0/0/0/0 2 pd Sange & Yasha 0/0/0/0/0 3 pd Jizai 0/0/0/0/0 5 pd Demolition Comet +25 20/15/0/0/25 5 pd Vivienne 0/0/25/40/0 5 pd Madam's Parasol 0/0/0/0/0 5pd Slicer of Fanatic 0/30/30/0/0 7 pd Vivienne 0/0/0/40/30 7 pd Vivienne+44 0/25/40/0/25 7pd Excalibur 0/40/0/0/0 10 pd RAnger Weapons Charge Raygun 40/0/25/0/30 1 pd Charge Laser+6 0/0/35/0/45 1 pd Charge Laser+4 5/0/0/0/45 1pd Dim Laser+6 0/0/0/0/35 1pd Berserk Laser 40/0/0/0/50 1pd Charge Gatling+6 5/0/0/0/50 1pd Berserk Vulcan+9 0/0/0/45/30 1pd Rage de Feu+2 0/0/35/30/0 2pd Ophelie Seize 0/35/0/30/0 2pd Red Handgun+50 15/0/0/030 3pd Cannon Rouge 0/0/0/0/25/0 5pd Frozen Shooter 25/30/0/0/20 5pd Frozen Shooter 0/25/0/0/20 5pd Units God/Power x10 1pd God/Arm 2x 1pd God/HP 1pd God/Body 2x 1pd Perfect/Resist 1pd God/Battle 1 pd Cure/Confuse 1pd Cure/Freeze 2x 1pd Wizard/Technique 3x 2pd V801 3pd Heavenly/Body 3pd Heavenly/Ability 2x 3pd Heavenly/Power 5x 5pd Heavenly/Mind 5pd Heavenly/Arms 5pd Centurion/Arms 3x 20pd Abuelita/Battle 1pd Materials/Techs Razonde 15 1pd Gibarta 20 1pd Resta 27 1pd Foie 29 1 pd Resta 30 2pd Power Material 2x Evade Material 5x Defense Material 51x (All mats for 6 pd) Mag Cells 1pd each! Tablet Kit of Genesis x3 x2 Kit of Master System Kit of Hamburger Heart of Devil 2x Monster Parts 5:1 (42 in total) Dragon's Claw Hildebear's Head 8x Hildeblue's Head 12x Sinow Berill's Arms Grass Assassin's Arms 2x Booma's Right Arm 7x Gobooma's Right Arm 2x Gigobooma's Right Arm 3x Rappy's Wing 6x
  8. Hey there! I used to play on PSO 1&2 for Game Cube and on online mode. My issue is... why does Hunter's Guild stopped adding missions? I've completed all the forest ones, when I attempted to go to Ragol, Cave, Mine and Ruins were unlocked. (Something that never happened to me, unless I defeated each boss) And the funny thing is that I never attempted to fight Dragon. I thought defeating Dragon and playing a bit on Cave may unlock the Cave Missions at Hunter's Guild, but nothing. I defeared De Rol Lee and played a bit on Mines and no missions yet. Is it because I leveled up too fast? On Offline this never happened, Neither the issue or the fast leveling, haha. I need help since I want to get the Soul's Eater. Any assistance? Thanks!
  9. Pm me for stats, and with an offer. No hit on either but have other percentages.
  10. Im looking for somme stuff. If you have one or more of these items give me a pm with your price. Looking for : 1x RR 1x yaz9k (charge and 50+ hit) 1x bkb with hit 1x spread needle with hit. 2x v502
  11. I have a problem guys, my main character my Hucast Ichigo is level 180, but he's simply lacking the gear for his level. My main weapons are: Charge Vulcan 40 hit, Diska of Braveman 35 hit, Red Handgun 40 hit, Chainsawd 0 hit Jizai 0 hit My units are: Smartlink, Heav/Arms 2x Heav/battle The starting levels are too easy, but the harder stages are too hard for me. What should I do?
  12. I have figured out that female hunters get nothing but crap for mechguns. Cant even use Dual Bird because the ata requirement is too high. male hunters can use Psycho ravens with only 200 ata requirement pretty much leaveing female hunters to use charge/spirit/berserk vulcans which are not comparable to psycho ravens or dual birds. why not make it so female hunters are able to use a mechgun with the same power as a dual bird or psycho raven, instead of giving them almost nothing. sorry for my rant i am mad that female hunters get crap mechguns.
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