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Found 9 results

  1. Got a stellar shard and trying to make a MFin MF? No worries, i got your heaven punishers right here. Get em while supplies last 20 PD each. DTs accepted. Ty : ) HEAVEN PUNISHER 0/0/15/0/0 untekked pending for stark HEAVEN PUNISHER 10/30/0/0/0 untekked owed HEAVEN PUNISHER 20/0/10/0/0 pending for rich homie quan chi HEAVEN PUNISHER 0/45/0/0/0 untekked HEAVEN PUNISHER 15/20/0/0/0 untekked tesla HEAVEN PUNISHER 25/0/0/0/0 untekked pending for mr jones HEAVEN PUNISHER 20/0/0/20/0 mud HEAVEN PUNISHER 25/0/0/0/0 pending for rashan HEAVEN PUNISHER 30/10/10/0/0 untekked HEAVEN PUNISHER 0/20/10/0/0 untekked HEAVEN PUNISHER 20/0/25/0/0 untekked HEAVEN PUNISHER 20/0/20/0/5 untekked HEAVEN PUNISHER 0/0/0/0/20 untekked HEAVEN PUNISHER 5/0/0/0/0 HEAVEN PUNISHER 40/0/0/0/0
  2. Buying 120 Power, 30 Luck, and 124 HP Materials!
  3. Pm or post here pls if you have one
  4. Hi, I'm looking to trade for hit point Mats at the following rate: 5:1PD Need 4x 99. Hp Mats = 20PDs each stack. Pm or post here
  5. I lost 2 of my No0b/Hps today when taking them out of the common bank I got disconnected and upon logging back in the items were gone. Can anyone help me? Guild Card: 42162276 Character slot: 4
  6. I need 120 Pow, 30 Luck, and 125 HP (I think that's cap for RACast) materials for my new dood. PM or Post with rates if you are in the market to trade em' off! <3
  7. Up for sale : 300 Hp materials at 1:5 ratio (1pd for 5 mats) SOLD 60 Power material at 1:5 ratio SOLD 100 Mind material at 1:6 ratio 20 Evade mats at 1:10 ratio 14 Def mats at 1:7 ratio Get all for 1 photon sphere.
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