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  1. Hello Everyone! The time has finally come to do another custom mag event! This minievent will go from now until June 13th 8pm EST, and it allows people to make mags with any combinations of stats and photon blasts, though cell mags will require you to provide the relevant mag cell (no free gael-gill if you don't have a d-photon core to give up ). We hope you will enjoy questing with your custom MAGs (Mechanical Assistance Guy). Be sure to give it lots of love! As we all learned from Elenor This time will be a little different than previous ones though. We are not going to be using photon drops or photon crystals this time around. Instead, we'll be accepting Weapon Badges as the price to obtain mags. Additionally there is a limit of 3 mags per player. The cost will be 7 Bronze Badges for the first mag, 7 Silver Badges for the second mag, and 7 Gold Badges for the third mag. You are required to post in this thread after you have collected enough to redeem a mag so that it can be tracked in a list here. Weapon Badges can be obtained in the quest "AOL CUP -Maximum Attack-", the first quest under the Event category in episode 1 (it's quite similar to ma1v2. previous versions have had names such as EDY cup and Famitsu Attack). I would advise you team up with others for runs, as most require some help to reach. I have some map links in the type weapons guide thread, these should help you plan split paths and reveal some hidden walls. An NPC near the bank on pioneer two will convert the bronze badges to silver, and the silver badges to gold. I leave the rest up to you to discover. Please use this discussion thread I've set up for meetups and strategy planning; please try to only post in this thread if you are ready to claim a mag to make it easier for us to sort through. RULES 1. Limit 3 mags per player 2. Cost is 7 bronze badges > 7 silver badges > 7 gold badges 3. Must post in this thread after you are ready to claim a mag 4. Must provide any required mag cells to redeem cell mag 5. No mags greater than level 200 (should be obvious) 6. This event end June 13th at 8pm EST. Redeeming will take place between the 10th-13th.
  2. Fae's Custom Mag Shop!!!! I will be closing up shop for the foreseeable future. Between kids being home and us having to go back to Texas for a family emergency I will not have time to commit to making more mags. If you need a mag please contact @JADE or @Smoochum. I should be back up and running by Mid to end July. If you already have a mag that I am making I will be finishing up those mags before I leave. For everyone on PSO I know Jade is the Mag Queen but I am making my foray into making custom mags for something to do while there is no events going on. Each mag can be custom made to whatever color you need and if you need a mag cell I have some of those as well. Here are the price lists for custom mags: 1. Rare mags that are easy to produce like Sato 5/145/50/0 are going to be 2DT pr 15pds 2. Cell mags that are easy to produce like ChuChu are going to be 3DT or 24pds 3. PPP mags that are easy to make like Tellusis 3/182/15/0 are going to be 5DT or 35pds 4. Rare mag that have a custom stat line like Sato 25/75/25/75 will be 5DT or 35pds 5. Cell mags that hare harder like Devil Wings 10/0/5/185 will be 5DT or 35pds Feel free to PM me to negotiate this is just a base line of what I can make and the prices I was thinking of. If you would like me to make a mag please message me. I am willing to trade items for mags. Mostly looking for Fo items like Glides Divines, MG+ and Adepts. I should also point out that it will take me a few days to make mags because of COVID-9 my kids are now home all the time and I have to be a full time mom since my husband is deployed for the US Navy. Please be patient and I will make them as I can. These are the mags I have made up right now and the prices would like for them. Pian [Slate Blue] [43/22/23/112] [Golla | Estlla | Mylla & Youlla] 3DT or 24pds Kapu Kapu [Dark Green] [5/125/35/35] [Golla | Farlla | Pilla] 3DT or 24pds Dreamcast [Red] [0/182/18/0] [Empty | Empty | Empty] 5DT or 40pds Rati [Dark Green] [5/145/25/25] [Golla | Estlla | Pilla] 3DT or 24pds Rati [Pink] [5/135/60/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] 3DT or 24pds Rati [Red] [5/125/70/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] 3DT or 24pds Rati [Red] [5/145/50/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Leilla | Pilla] 2DT or 15pds Rati [Fuschia] [5/125/70/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] 3DT or 24pds Sato [Cyan] [22/103/50/25] [Mylla & Youlla | Farlla | Pilla] 3DT or 24pds Bhima [Red] [34/92/21/53] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] 3DT or 24pds Agastya [Red] [40/146/14/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Golla] 3DT or 24pds Agastya [Blue] [5/148/47/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] 3DT or 24pds Love Rappy [Orange] [15/0/0/185] [Golla | Leilla | Mylla & Youlla] 3DT or 24pds Love Rappy [Red] [3/182/15/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Golla] 3DT or 24pds Chao [Red] [35/95/35/35] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Golla] 5DT or 35pds Rati [Turquoise] [5/106/26/63] [Golla | Leilla | Pilla] 3DT or 24pds Sato [Orange] [5/125/45/25] [Mylla & Youlla | Leilla | Pilla] 3DT or 24pds Nidra [White] [5/86/26/83] [Golla | Estlla | Pilla] 3DT or 24pds Love Rappy [White] [5/30/30/135] [Golla | Leilla | Pilla] 5DT or 35pds Sato [Green] [5/0/45/150] [Golla | Estlla | Pilla] 2DT or 15pds Mark3 [Red] [0/182/18/0] [Empty | Empty | Empty] 5DT or 40pds NOTICE: Can be made into any console aka Genesis, Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, Master System Also these are the mag cells that I have as of right now to make into Mags Cell of MAG 502 Cell of MAG 213 Parts of RoboChao Heart of Opa Opa Heart of Pian Heart of Chao Heart of Chu Chu Heart of Angel Kit of Mark3 Kit of Sega Saturn Heart of Angel Kit of Dreamcast Kit of Genesis Kit of Master System Heart of Kapu Kapu Tablet Heaven Striker Coat Pioneer Parts Amitie's Memo Rappy's Beak Love Rappy Beak Kit of Hamburger If you would like a custom mag made and I don't have the cell you would like I would be happy to try to trade for one or if you would like to provide it I will go down on the price of the mag. Also if you have any of the following mag cells that you would like to sell please let me know. Kit of Mark3 Liberta Kit D-Photon Core Heart of Chu Chu
  3. Here is to another RASP but this time a double pack. I finished Volume 3 almost as soon as I uploaded 2 and I didn't want to upload it immediately after. I decided to work on 4 and just upload both at the same time. Here is the download link for 3: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8mpinrjphwglk/ Here is a list of tracks for 3: ADVR - Ghostbusters(Genesis) ~ Character Select CHARA - Sega Rally Championship ~ 13 End Road of Monaco CITY - Die Hard Trilogy ~ Harlem CUBE_ENDING_LOOP - Rage Racer ~ Credits DARK1 - Chrono Trigger ~ Magus Battle DARK2 - Chrono Trigger ~ Final Battle 2 DELO - Metal Black ~ Phantasm DELO2 - Tales of the Tempest ~ Enemies Raid DRAGON - Ghostbusters(Genesis) ~ Boss DRAGON2 - Sonic Generations ~ VS Metal Sonic DUEL1 - Toonami ~ Scratch My Back DUEL2 - From TV Animation Slam Dunk 2 ~ Rival's Star Player ENDING_LOOP - Jurassic Park(SNES) ~ Hi-Score EP4_ENDING_LOOP - Digimon Frontiers ~ Opening (Instrumental) EPI1 - Pokemon Rumble World ~ Results EPI2 - Art of Fighting 2 ~ Next Stage GRYPHON - OneChanbara ~ Attagirl GUILD - Dynasty Warriors ~ Character Select HALL - Mega Man X5 ~ Deep Sea HEARTS - Burning Rangers ~ We Are Burning Rangers (EN) LABO - OneChanbara ~ Shawty LOBBY - Street Fighter V Arcade Edition ~ Main Theme MEDICAL - Michigan Report From Hell ~ ZaKa TV Team Log PROTO1 - Asura's Wrath ~ Asura vs Oni The Mad Demon PROTO2 - Asura's Wrath ~ Fear God SHOP - Legend of Legaia ~ Dance Against the Queen slbgm_ancient - Wild Arms 2 ~ Spiral Tower slbgm_boss09 - Sonic Adventure 2 ~ Supporting Me (Biolizard) slbgm_boss09b - Kizuna Encounter ~ King Leo's Palace slbgm_cave - Tekken 3 ~ Nina Williams slbgm_dark - Chrono Trigger ~ Magus Battle (Intro) slbgm_forest - Muscle Bomber ~ Moscow slbgm_machine - Mortal Kombat 3 ~ Street slbgm_ruin - King of Fighters Neowave ~ Spirits slbgm_seabed - Sonic Adventure 2 ~ Dive Into the Mellow (Aquatic Mine) slbgm_space - Gungage ~ The Big Boss SOUTOKU - Front Mission ~ Arena Title - The King of Fighters '95 ~ Title VOL_OPT1 - Bomberman Hero ~ Spiral VOL_OPT2 - Bomberman Hero ~ Landlord And here is the download link for Volume 4: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/q548zss74mp0j/ As well as the list of songs for this volume as well: ADVR - Mortal Kombat ~ Choose Your Fighter CHARA - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater ~ Main Menu (1st Part) CITY - Wild Arms 2 ~ Town Where the West Wind Blows CUBE_ENDING_LOOP - Legend of Legaia ~ Dance Queen Mary DARK1 - TNA Impact ~ Su Yung (Undead Bride) DARK2 - Final Fantasy XII-2 ~ Invisible Depths DELO - Cadillacs and Dinosaurs ~ Boss 2 DELO2 - Galerians ~ Birdman Battle DRAGON - Pinball of the Dead ~ Boss DRAGON2 - Star Ocean 3 ~ Bitter Dance DUEL1 - Baki the Grappler ~ Self-Confidence DUEL2 - Nitro Ball ~ Combat Field ENDING_LOOP - Ridge Racer Type 4 ~ Ready To Roll EP4_ENDING_LOOP - Deadly Sport ~ Ending EPI1 - Super Mario Kart ~ Bowser Rank EPI2 - Wild Arms 2 ~ Win! GRYPHON - Hunter the Reckoning ~ Instability GUILD - Maken X ~ World Map HALL - Capcom VS SNK 2 ~ Groove Select HEARTS - Bust a Groove ~ 2 Bad (Heat-s Theme) LABO - Texhnolyze ~ Fantasia LOBBY - Capcom VS SNK 2 ~ Player Select Version 1 & 2 MEDICAL - Xenosaga Freaks ~ Xeno-Pittan Stage Select PROTO1 - Dead or Alive 4 ~ Alpha-152 PROTO2 - Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles ~ Virus Syndicate SHOP - Tekken 5 ~ One More slbgm_ancient - Revolution X ~ Pacific Rim Elevator slbgm_boss09 - Legend of Legaia ~ My Name is Songi slbgm_boss09b - Mortal Kombat 4 ~ Goro's Lair slbgm_cave - Bust a Groove ~ Power (Strike-s Theme) slbgm_dark - Jewel Master ~ Vital Signs slbgm_forest - 100% Orange Juice ~ Kai's Theme slbgm_machine - Resonance of Fate ~ Hughes Power Station-Night [A] slbgm_ruin - Tekken 4 ~ Kitsch slbgm_seabed - Sonic Forces ~ Fading World (Imperial Tower) slbgm_space - Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad ~ Promise of 505 (Stage 5) SOUTOKU - TNA Impact ~ Robbie E (Get Your Fist Pumpin In The Air) Title - Mega Man X 3 ~ Title VOL_OPT1 - Sonic Forces ~ Battle with Egg Dragoon Mk. II (1st) VOL_OPT2 - Sonic Forces ~ Battle with Egg Dragoon Mk. II (2nd) So with that the RASP Volume 3 & 4 Double Pack is complete! Be sure to backup all your original files!
  4. *Decided to make a separate thread from the Volume 1 thread for this* It's been awhile but I'm back with another RASP; Volume 2 hits the interwebs today! I've looped and replaced several new tracks including the boss themes from Episode 4. Here is the download link for this pack: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/e9l19jnhf2993/PSOBB OST Pack Vol 2 And here are a list of tracks(also included in the TXT file: ADVR - King of Fighters '95 ~ Demon Select CHARA - Karnov's Revenge Fighters History Dynamite Arranged ~ Indomitable Spirit CITY - Time Trax ~ Mission Briefing (60Hz) CUBE_ENDING_LOOP - Fighting Force 64 ~ End Credits DARK1 - Clock Tower 3 ~ Burroughs in Anger DARK2 - Devil May Cry 2 ~ Ragnarok (The Despair Embodied Battle) DELO - Rocket Knight Adventures ~ Versus Boss DELO2 - Death by Degrees ~ Type J DRAGON - Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles ~ Moon Fight DRAGON2 - GunValkyrie ~ Plug In Monster DUEL1 - Beatdown: Fist of Vengeance ~ Hammerlock DUEL2 - Fighting Force 64 ~ Boss ENDING_LOOP - Duane's Song EP4_ENDING_LOOP - Blue Stinger ~ Merry Christmas EPI1 - Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of the Vampire ~ Donovan Winning EPI2 - Super Smash Bros. ~ Game Clear GRYPHON - King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 ~ Native People of the Same Hole GUILD - King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 ~ Super Excited HALL - Resident Evil Remake ~ Lab Entrance LABO - Megaman 4 Complete Works ~ Password Screen LOBBY - Megaman Zero Remastered ~ Intermission MEDICAL - Marvel VS Capcom 2 ~ Continue PROTO1 - Viewtiful Joe 2 ~ True Heroes PROTO2 - The Bouncer ~ Domnique Cross SHOP - Janet Jackson ~ Got 'Til It's Gone(Instrumental) slbgm_ancient - Tekken Tag Tournament ~ Unknown slbgm_boss09 - Shadow Hearts ~ Blade slbgm_boss09b - The Wonderful 101 ~ Vijounne, Fouth-Class Officer slbgm_cave - Onechanbara Bikini Zombie Slayers ~ Death Rhapsody slbgm_dark - House of the Dead 4 ~ Garden of Rotting Flowers slbgm_forest - Megaman X4 ~ Web Spider(Jungle) slbgm_machine - Devil May Cry 3 ~ Battle 1 slbgm_ruin - Kensei Sacred Fist ~ Spot slbgm_seabed - Sega Rally 2 ~ MNF slbgm_space - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle ~ Space Trip Steps (Meteor Herd) SOUTOKU - Art of Fighting 2 Arranged ~ I Decided on this One (Player Select Theme) Title - Tekken 3(Arcade) ~ Intro VOL_OPT1 - Battle Mania Daiginjou ~ Ma Ha Ra Ja VOL_OPT2 - Vanquish ~ Argus Battle And just as before a RAR file is included as well as individual files.
  5. Hi, I've been playing around with the audio loops for the past few months and have come up with a custom OST pack for PSOBB. I didn't do every track but I did most of the ones from Episode 1 and 2. The download link is here: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/68v7nezbej9s9/PSOBB_OST_Pack_Vol_1 Be sure to backup your originals before applying this to the original OGG folder. Here is also a list of the replaced tracks(also included in the download link). Hope you enjoy!: ADVR - Fighting Force 64 ~ Fighter Select CHARA - Virtua Fighter 4 EVO ~ Customization Theme CITY - Mad World ~ Jefferson Island Map CUBE_ENDING_LOOP - Street Fighter 3 Third Strike ~ Name Entry (3rd Strike) DARK1 - The Last Story ~ Evil Beast DARK2 - Tekken 5 ~ The Finalizer DELO - Resident Evil Code Veronica ~ Here They Come DELO2 - Galerians: Rion ~ Birdman Battle DRAGON - Night Slashers ~ Chaser DRAGON2 - Crypt Killer ~ High N-R-G Protection DUEL1 - Tekken 5 ~ Unforgiven (with Background Crowd) DUEL2 - Last Alert ~ Boss Theme ENDING_LOOP - Street Fighter 3 New Generation ~ BPM 114 (Name Entry) EPI1 - Vampire Hunter Darkstalker's Revenge ~ GALLON Winning EPI2 - Street Fighter III Third Strike ~ Ending 1 GRYPHON - Beatdown Fist of Vengeance ~ D.O.A. GUILD - Parasite Eve ~ Out Of Phase HALL - House of the Dead 4 ~ Chaotic Order LABO - Mega Man X2 ~ Stage Select 1 LOBBY - Super Mario Galaxy ~ Super Mario 2007 MEDICAL - Bubblegum Crisis 2040 ~ Mood In Dub PROTO1 - The King of Fighters '95 ~ Hal, Bass and Melody (Last Boss Stage 1) PROTO2 - The King of Fighters '99 ~ Dear Falling Angel (Krizalid 2 Theme) SHOP - House of the Dead 2 ~ Item Shop slbgm_ancient - Lightning Returns ~ Altar of Light slbgm_cave - 10,000 Bullets ~ Striking Distance slbgm_dark - Mega Man Zero 3 Remastered ~ Return to Zero slbgm_forest - Bomberman Hero ~ Redial slbgm_machine - Shinobi(PS2) ~ Strange Device slbgm_ruin - Lost Kingdoms ~ Rohbach slbgm_seabed - Final Fantasy XIV ~ Rival Wings Astragalos Theme slbgm_space - King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 ~ Enhanced Category X SOUTOKU - Fatal Fury Arrange ~ Player Select Title - Virtua Fighter 3 ~ For you VOL_OPT1 - Haunting Ground ~ Ultimate Demento VOL_OPT1 - Shadow Hearts ~ Sicking Fucking P.S. Also included RAR file for all tracks just to make it easier than downloading them individually. Titled "RASP Vol 1"
  6. Hi! I have just recently found out Ultima Blue Burst and I wanted to play this game again just like I did back on the Dreamcast. However, after I downloaded the update and launcher, I saw that it installed music that I was not to fond of hearing in the lobby. I tried deleting the custom OGG music folder but the launcher kept installing them back. Is there anyway I can essentially "remove" the custom OGG music? It's not that I absolutely hate these tracks, but I just want to play the game with only the official soundtrack. You may type your answer in English, but Japanese would be very appreciated.
  7. Smoochum


    Intoduction: Short and sweet. I will make any mag possible without the use of mag banking (on occasion, I might do this, but I will probably double the price). I will probably limit myself to 4-6 mags at a time so that I don't mess them up. Pricing: All mags have a base price of 2 PDs per 50 levels, rounded up. Each mag will cost an additional 1 PD for every 100 consumables fed to it, rounded up. If you don't provide the mag cell, you must cover the cost of the cell as well (if the cell is rare, I suggest finding it yourself). Example: 5/177/18/0 Tellusis. Base price of 8 PDs. Mag is fed 13 monomates to level 10, 2 monomates, 4 dimates and 120 antidotes to level 35, 500 monomates to level 50, at which point it is fed 1 dimate to turn it from a Madhu (so it has twins) into a Kama and the dragon scale is used turning it into a Tellusis. It is then fed 556 dimates to get to level 200, for a total of 1196 consumables. The price of the dragon scale is 5 PDs. 8+12+5 = 25 PDs (assuming I had to find the dragon scale) Note: Not all (rare) mags will cost this much. Barring Gael-Gill, this is probably as expensive as a (rare) mag can get. This is not the place to come for non-cell mags since they are slow and will end up costing a lot.
  8. This is the idea, make a sketch of your weapons, no matter how powerful they are, they must have their respective stats and description. What do you win with this ? Well, not much LOL, Me and other people will see the created weapons and will give away one Proof of Sonic Team (donated by Soly) to a winner of our selection, the most creative weapons i will draw them by myself with one of your chars, maybe with some luck one of these weapons will be taken into account for a new event weapon. Requirements. A sketch in color of the weapon. Name, Class and description. Special Attack: (Gush, Charge, Hell, etc) Requirements (ATP/MST/ATA NEEDED) Stats (ATP, MST, ATA, etc) Max grinder Stars 1-12 Example: Name: Eternal maul Description: a pair of axes that crush the enemy with his photon blades, they're also called "peacemaker".its special attack take away 1/4 of an enemy's HP. ATP: 580-630 ATA: 55 MAX Grinder: 75 Especial: Demon (unreduced) Class: Twin Sword Required Stat: ATP: 750 English Translation by Soly La idea es esta, hacer un sketch de sus propias armas,sin importar lo poderosas que sean, deben tener sus respectivas estadisticas y descripcion, ¿que ganan con esto? Bueno, no mucho LOL,Yo y otras personas vamos a ver las armas creadas y vamos a regalar un Proof of Sonic Team (donada por Soly) a un ganador de nuestra elección, a las mas originales las dibujare yo mismo con uno de sus personajes a elegir, quizas con algo de suerte una de estas sean tomadas en cuenta para una futura arma de evento. Requerimientos. Un sketch a color del arma. Nombre, Clase y descripcion. Ataque Especial: (Gush, Charge, Hell, etc) Requisitos (ATP/MST/ATA NEEDED) Estadisticas (ATP, MST, ATA, etc) Max grinder Estrellas 1-12 Ejemplo: Name: Eternal maul Description: a pair of axes that crush the enemy with his photon blades, they're also called "peacemaker".its special attack take away 1/4 of an enemy's health. ATP: 580-630 ATA: 55 MAX Grinder: 75 Especial: Demon (unreduced) Class: Twin Sword Required Stat: ATP: 750
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