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Found 24 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm new to the Forums and I peaked around, read the FAQ post etc. but didn't see my particular issues. I played last night, no issues. Logged in today and my items have new names. For example my MAG was named Magdhu and now she's Elenor. My Sonic Magazines in the bank are now called Cane. My equipment (Dragon HP I think its called? and General something- sorry forgot the names) are now called God/TP. There's a bunch of things like this and I thought my items were just different until I tried to wield my new Cane and realized it was still a Sonic Mag. (Language is still set to English in the Launcher.) Also whenever I close the game and try to boot it up again it seems to dissapear from my PC and I have to install it again. The desktop shortcut says "the game doesnt exist" or some such and when I search my PC for "pso" it can ONLY find the useless desktop shortcut. Now when I go to reinstall - everytime I want to play - I get an error message that says the install failed but when I close that message the Launcher is waiting for me behind it and everything seemed to work just fine. Any ideas on my issues? Thanks a lot! -Richard
  2. Hi, just recently registered, I keep getting a 908 error, the game says there is 16 players online. I have stopped my firewall. I'm not sure if I am missing something. Here's a pic of the folder in case I'm missing an important file Any help will be much appreciated, Thank you
  3. Guildcard: 42197949 Slot de personaje: 1 Fecha/Hora: N/A Descripción: Hello! Im new here. I have been playing for at least 20 hours in the past 4 days normally. Today while trying to connect, while selecting the block in the select block screen after selecting "ultima" in the ship select screen, the menu goes away as normally but then it stays there. After a while of waiting it says error 100. Ive read the typical errors and it says its a hacked item the thing that´s causing it but I wouldnt know anything about hacking, so its no that. Please help!
  4. Hello, I'm PSO player since around 2002 (in DreamCast). My main computer runs the game normally, but the secondary computer is having issues (I will teach my friend to play) It is a clean XP 32 install, just installed drivers, AV and PSO. Launcher simply does not launch, it gives an error soon as launched: "Aplicativo não inicializado corretamente (0x0000135). Clique em ok para finalizar a execução" kinda: "Application was not correctly initialized (error code), click ok to end the execution". Launching psobb.exe is weird. Sometimes it simply gives an error "O psobb.exe encontrou um erro e precisa ser fechado" kinda "Psobb.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close". Sometimes it runs up to main menu, but it is all screwed, at lower left is says "No DLL" and the menu, all letters are squares. I already searched a lot but nothing solves, someone can help me? Thank you.
  5. hello, its me i am reporting a bug on blue star memories when in the boss i died and the nurse could not heal me and i was left with a crash. and alted out. i wonder why, npcs seem to be fighting fine. mission is working well it seems to be a little lengthly 122 solo on hrd mode. all in all great day and strong attempt. npc hu died during end stage against barbra ray.\ thank you let me know if we could work on this.
  6. My game constantly crashes as I'm trying to log in, specifically on the screen where it says "Connecting to the server, please wait...". I know that the server isn't down, as the launcher and website show 30 people currently online. I was able to play the game about a week ago, with no problems, but now it won't work. The game doesn't even crash until I open up the task manager, and then it prompts the "application is not responding" and closes. There is nothing in the error log, I never even get to see an error message. Here's a list of things I have tried: Uninstall and re-install Run as administrator Ensure my game is up to date Turn off all virus protection Add both the launcher and psobb.exe to the list of allowed programs in the firewall settings Change password, to ensure I'm using the right one And yes, I did restart my computer multiple times throughout this process I can't even think of anything that has changed since I last played, certainly nothing major. I even went and started up a couple of other online games, and had no real issues. Anybody have any clue on this?
  7. ok so i have had this before and i havnt played in a little bit but when i go to login i get the error no908 patch sever connection failed. what the hell do i do? someone please help as im so confused
  8. I try to launch PSOBB (Yes, it should be fully patched) after I reinstalled it, and installed all the patches, now its hiving me the error. How do I fix it?
  9. Hola compañeros, vengo a describir mi problema, cada vez que inicio el juego va perfecto, pero luego de un corto tiempo el juego pierde el sonido, ni música ni efectos, no es posible oir nada. Aquí una captura de la configuración que uso para el sonido. ¿Alguien tiene alguna idea de cual pueda ser el problema?
  10. Hello people. My game was ok up to the update. After the update it started to open in a small window (running by online.exe). I already tried different configurations in options, but does not solve. When open by launcher.exe it always give an error, no matter what I do. System is XP. I already added an exception in antivirus. Please help Thank you.
  11. Guildcard: 42169007 Character Slot: 2 Date/Time: 3/3/2016 appx 6:30pm PST Description: Went to go to the bathroom. When I came back I unlocked the computer from screen saver and this message was waiting for me. Comments: No choice but to click “OK”. I can’t understand what this error is or what it means. But as soon as I click OK, the game closes. Any help would be appreciated. http://hmp.me/rkk I tried to post the image but it says "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community."...
  12. I try logging on my account but it keep giving me a error No 903 patch server connection failed. The server maybe under maintenance please check the current news update on official site. please help.
  13. Hello, I just tried to log in to PSOBB, and failed. my PSOBB launcher appears to be offline? And I keep getting the error 903. I decided to try PSOBB again after fighting the Gal Gryphon on PSO2, I wanted to try fighting it on PSOBB, but then I got this problem xD My anti-virus is not the problem, becuase I've already fixed the issues that it caused. And I don't think that the firewall is the problem either, because I tried turning it off entirely with no luck. The servers appears to be online, is what this site is telling me, but my launcher and game says something different
  14. I've clicked the link in my email and verified, yet when I start the game and log in it tells me to complete the registration.. am I missing something or is this a bug?
  15. Hi i recently registered to play the game but i never got an email to confirm, is there any way i can have it re-sent?
  16. So after the recent rollback I tried to log in and now it says my username and password are incorrect. I have everything written down correctly and had the information saved in the loader, but today only my username was saved. After many attempts with no sucess, I went back to the registration page and redid the registration with the same account name and password and it gave me no errors. Is it possible for two people to have the same login information or was my original account just lost somehow?
  17. guys, please help, my launcher shows some error and I cant get the game started above the start button there are 3 red boxes with these caption: - Patch Server - Logon Server - Ship Server
  18. Hello, I joined ultima a few days ago. S'been great! Super awesome. Now then, I've finally finished raising my mag. It was tough and well, lotta time spent. The damndest most awful crap funny thing is, my Sato, evolved and complete, turned into a Naraka. I logged off my character and back, and it changed from Sato to Naraka. And the stats were warped; Originally level 130 with 5/75/50/0 Is this fixable? EDIT: Woops, posted in the wrong forum. Just noticed the 'Bugs n Crashes' area.
  19. este problema me ha tenido por muchos días y no puedo solucionarlo ya que cada vez que abro el juego este archivo nunca deja aparecer y de paso no me deja entrar al juego me digo si podrían ayudarme con este problema ......... el archivo no se deja de descargar cada vez que intento entrar y no tengo ningún antivirus activo ni nada por el estilo...........X_X Atte Miguelalex
  20. I recently got the urge to start playing psobb again, decided to try out Ultima, and proceeded to download your launcher, etc. I installed the game on my work computer and played it during the day, and excitedly dumped it on my usb to continue when I got home. Unfortunately, upon unloading my usb's contents onto my home computer, the game no longer works. I also tried updating my old psobb folder with the patch available in your downloads section to no avail. When I open the launcher (online.exe) and click "Start Game", I immediately get an error window stating that "PsoBw.exe has stopped working". As instructed by the FAQ, I checked the resolution in the options, and while my native resolution isn't supported, I was sure to pick the one closest in size. My desktop is more than capable of playing anything I throw at it, and I spent many years in the past on psobb on this same computer. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance for your support. PS: Both my home and work computer are running windows 7.
  21. Hi, i've experienced some trouble when playing, i've gotten the error 100 (there is no connection available, please check your cable) multiple times is it because i'm playing via wi-fi or is it like in the sticky because i have a bugged/hacked item. It happens at random moments but i've had it happen around 5 times just today and last night. Do i have to play using a network cable or how can i know what items are bugged/hacked ? Guild Card #'s: :42116363 slot 1
  22. Es un breve error... Sucede que en la tabla de Drops del servidor sale lo siguiente: Episodio 4 --- ID: Redria --- Difucultad: Ultimate Merissa A ---- Drop: Flamberge Merissa AA -- Drop:Congeal Cloak Pero al momento hoy de estar jugando en Ep4, en esa dificultad, la Merissa A me dio Striker Plus y la Merissa AA me boto ahi si la Flamberge... tal vez sea error o que no se ha actualizado la tabla... Solo queria informar eso...
  23. http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/561383_3295299538881_1159592159_32608019_1319308353_n.jpg Items have gone unusable and ???? at about 1AM EST My guild card number is: 42010478 My character slot is 1 Thank you
  24. So I got this error than my PSOBB.exe crashed. nature: When i open my Common bank I could scroll around, but as soon as you scroll over the items that say ??????? or X999999 ect. Your game will imediatly crash out, I took a screenshot of everything but this was all that was pulled out of the game, which makes me kinda scared. I also lost a meteor Crush/Crash, but I didn't need it. Lady Xios is my main character at the time being and my Common-Bank holds all my goodies. I do not want to lost it all Is there anyway to fix this?
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