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  1. 2 hours ago, Ricardof14 said:

    Mio. ¿Sábado o Domingo? ¿Y podemos poner y efectuar cualquier arma que no tenga efecto sobre ella correctamente? Por ejemplo: un arma que realmente quiero para el efecto es el "arma suprimida"

    los dos dias


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  2. im askin if he lost i can refound and 7 pds are easy to get on woi every stage u gt a pds if u are lucky simple as dat but o srry no one read forum about quest rite Xd

  3. 1 minute ago, Ricardo Gomes said:

    i mean that if we have a few/alot weapons to put hit, its better make some math before enter room and PM before what we want so GM dont losse time counting

    that example i gave i really dindt think about it, just trowed some numbers randomly.

    since i had(not anymore) a few weapons that some needed to slip hit, i needed like 1300pd/13ps for all the stuff i wanted, so if we talk to GM before enter room, i think it was faster for everyone, i saw someone(r-78?) cant remember saying in forum to PM a gm if it was alot of stuff to make it faster

    if u feel confortable in that way ok 

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  4. event.jpg

    Good afternoon everybody!  I'll be making a mini event that consists into adding hit into weapons.

    The price is 60 pds for 30 hit, if you only say you want 20 hit you will have to pay the 60 pds. 

    The limit of hit you can add is up to 70% and nothing more.

    I won't be adding hit on Dark weapons.

    See you in the HIT EVENT room!

    Buenas tardes a todos!  voy hacer un mini evento que consiste en colocar hit en armas.

    El precio es de 60 pds por 30 hit, se me dicen que solo quieren 20 hit pues de igual manera tendras que pagar 60 pds. 

    El limite de hit que puedes agregar es 70% y nada más.

    No voy añadir hit en Dark Weapons.

    Nos vemos en la sala HIT EVENT!


    Boa tarde a todos! estarei fazendo um mini evento que consiste em adicionar hit a armas.

    O preco é de 60 pds por 30 hit, se apenas quiseres 20 hit terás de pagar os 60 pds. 

    O limite de hit que podes adicionar vai até 70% e nada mais.

    Não irei colocar hit em dark weapons.

    Vemo-nos na sala HIT EVENT!



    Bonjour tout le monde!

    J'organiserai qui consistera à ajouter du hit sur des armes.

    Le prix est de 60 pds pour 30 hit, si vous ajoutez 20 hit vous devrez tout de même payer 60 pds.

    Vous ne pourrez pas monter au dessus de 70 hit sur une même arme.

    Vous ne pourrez pas en ajouter sur une Dark weapon non plus.

    A bientôt !

    if u have a wep with 60 hit well u have to pay 30 pds for 10 hit and one more thing we are not gonna split hit not moving stats!

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