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  1. I got it all figured out. Just reinstalled the game and it works fine. Forgot I posted this here haha.

  3. My game crashes every time I try to play with my friend. Whether it be the lobby we are in or the game (both of us have tried making a game) mine crashes without a doubt and his does not. We used to play all the time but he got a new internet source and it has been like this since then. Any advice would be great. P.S. I checked and we both have open NATs.
  4. Well it should be good to go. Now, to clarify, you will only be wiping the common bank, correct?
  5. Let me get as much as i can out of it. Ill post here when its okay to wipe it. Thanks!
  6. No thanks, royal weddings bore the shit out of me. But if they bring back beheadings, I'd tune in for that.

  7. That was the best superjail to date.

  8. Hello, I am having a problem with my common bank. Every time I try to access my items there will be one item labeled ????. When I pass over this item the game crashes. Sometimes it will crash right when I get into the bank. If any admins can fix this that would be fantastic. Guild card #: 42015108 Character name: GLaDOS Type: HUcaseal Thank you to anybody who can help.
  9. Finna see if superjail is up yet.

  10. Doctor Who

    1. Zeph
    2. Apollo


      hell yes, i concur with Zeph!

  11. Another derpnado. I'm starting to like this season.

  12. 3 hours of sleep is enough, right?

    1. Zeph
    2. sunfire285


      dependsonwhat youre doing

  13. Call of Duty: Reach

  14. Skynet went online 2 days ago. The nukes get dropped today. Everybody ready?

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