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  1. What makes rianov 5 so special? The Dark special doesn't seem that effective to me but this game has a lot of nuance I don't know about also
  2. The most concerning thing about this is nerfing the drop rate half way through which WE IMMEDIATELY NOTICED. Makes me wonder if they have done that in the past without saying anything. You owned yourself pretty hard here because if 5000 were redeemed then how many will be redeemed this year? There's no way there are enough nyc in circulation for that raffle to benefit anyone but the EXACT rich players ya'll claim were benefitting too much. Unless players coordinate together most of those thresholds wont even be met to activate the raffle. How on earth do you miscalculate the number of gulgus that can be farmed? everyone has been doing the same max attack mission for years to farm these. Super duper sus. Now you're on here splaining because you know exactly how this comes off.
  3. I don't care about who has been hoarding nyc. If a player has 10,000 now then they had 8000 last year and 5000 the year before that. That's not why they made this change. This logic is absurd. The poor benefit a lot more than the already rich players. You cannot be that naïve
  4. This is dirty as hell. I knew when ya'll were taking so long it was because some of us dedicated the entire event to farming nyc. I even encouraged others to do the same. double the cost as prior hit events and a black hole raffle that's only obvious purpose is to deplete nyc. Yeah we farmed too many so now you get rid of it. That's what this is and everyone knows it. On one hand yes nyc are a gift but on the other its the least you could during an event where you have to ruin Christmas in order to get pgf.
  5. I want to buy a handgun Guld stats don't matter. DM me or respond below. Thanks!
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