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  1. I am leaving,happy?

    you made yourself look bad, and I gave you some more -rep!!
  2. syd you wanna bet 20 pd's on the super bowl? i'll take the steelers if you are interested.

  3. lol what'd you get grounded for

  4. yo oz where you been xP

  5. Mag Fail.

    Hi, I am currently making two Sato mags and I had a mag with stats 5/0/26/23 and some how it changed to 7/0/24/23, and I didn't take pics x(. At level 49 I gave it to my force and turned it into lla, then I gave it back to my ranger and fed it antidotes and it turned into asparasa (lol i cant spell) and fed it until level 54 with stats 5/0/26/23, but when I logged in today in it somehow changed back to lla and the stats changed 7/0/24/23. I also have a Lame that will not unseal. I got 14,000+ kills on it!
  6. Mag Fail.

    yea all i need is to have mag back to 5 dfp, im not askin for much xP. is it pow+mind= 50 and dex+def=50 for sato?
  7. lol why are you guys complaining about the prizes, I think giving away an adept and FTD shield is pretty generous
  8. poptart your staring to remind me of xanxus?

  9. LOST: Lame D'Argent

    Wow you lost a lame 35 hit and didn't take pics!! That sucks your probably sol. Next time remember to take pics.
  10. Limiter trouble

    chuk there all bugged I tried to tell you that in shoutbox. you have to get a GM to swap it with adept.
  11. no way FOnewm is best xP....and whitill is best id
  12. D.Meteor & D.Bridge

    I'm not sure if this suggestion is too late, but I think instead of grants boost (which mercurius rod already does). it should increase the chance of megid killing its victim. That benefit along with the ones it already has would work. I heard it only goes through one enemy onto another one, is this true?
  13. pop your missing pgf event, the server has been down so your not missing much...freedert got a dark flow 50 hit though xD

  14. well it depends...best sword is dark flow, best double saber is either double cannon or black king bar, and best katanas are jizai
  15. freedert where u been?! you've been MIA for 2 months, we made a new team

  16. December Event 2nd year.

    all man i was hoping razonde merge would drop, but yellow merge will do! xD
  17. Dj's Wordsearch

    lol hollygay..... how am i suppose to do this puzzle and post. i dont have that art thingy were u draw pictures
  18. Dj's Crossword

    isnt the weakest enemy a rappy?
  19. Photon D-Core & Nakas Card

    but other than being a mag cell does it have any special qualities?
  20. Photon D-Core & Nakas Card

    what is so great about photon d-core, isnt it just a mag cell?
  21. pop you've been MIA, since u were gone i got a jizai 50 hit, double cannon 20 hit, Red Sword, v101, v502, and next i will get a red ring , but still waiting for that

  22. Photon D-Core & Nakas Card

    Aren't s-rank weapons garbage, and what is photon d-core thingy?
  23. Lee u should make me a GM on schitserv, i could help u turn it around.....dj can vouch for me

  24. sunny why'd u leave the team, we miss you ;(

  25. wedding dress

    kaira's drops don't count shes playing on a different server