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Status Updates posted by SunnyD

  1. Ya va un tiempo >) Todo bien

  2. Gracias por los momentos. La falta de luz traira una nueva era a la oscuridad. Para siempre una Darkness.

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    2. Henry


      D=! Quien le iso esto u.u!

    3. louisking


      sunny dicen que estas viva? =D

    4. TheGrox
  3. Im still in search of luck materials and nakas xd

  4. Buy Nakas cards or s rank slicer, Wedding Dress for it.

    1. vashvhexx


      o_o What special on it?

    2. vashvhexx


      I might be able to hook you up

    3. vashvhexx


      I might be able to hook you up

  5. Buy Nakas cards now :3

  6. Excall 45 hit with nativa and abest. Pm me for a weedding dress

  7. Empezando quest de ep IV + traducion del client para portugues!

    1. Mantis Aqua

      Mantis Aqua

      hoje começam as minhas aulas então ficarei afastado de Ultima. Quando eu voltar quero ver seu excelente trabalho.

    2. SunnyD


      Sem problemas Mantis!

      Já fizeste a tua parte. Agora eu faço a minha :)

    3. SunnyD


      Because i maybe get along with 2/3 english persons and a whole lot of spanish/Portuguese

  8. Los animales son nuestros amigos :)

    1. Die


      asi es, los animales nos adoran xD

    2. louisking


      martin me ama D; jajaja

    3. serverus


      D: no sierto yo amo a sunny XD

  9. Manhana voy hacer una visita a quien me vendio mi micro u.u Lo compro y unas 6 horas despues ya me da choques eletricos u.u

    1. louisking


      lol pobre suny :(

      suerte :P quiero escuchar tu hermos voz de angel xD

    2. serverus


      si sunny ve reclamale dile q por su culpa no escucho tu ermosa voz de nuevo u.u

  10. eh hoido que tenias unos 3 nakas :o

    Los vendes? Dime que necessitas que te lo consiego :P

  11. Buy: Resta Merge (15 pds); Luck materials (20 pds); Cure paralisis (2 pd)

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    2. SunnyD


      Ño longer need resta merge.

    3. vashvhexx


      Getting you more luck as I type this

    4. SunnyD
  12. Bugged items wth hit misteriously unbug when an admin tells you to show them to a Gm... I wonder why

  13. Ok thank you very much. Knoleageble like always :)

  14. Zyn resta boosts are limited right? Like for ex: If i use a parasol + fomarl + resta lv 30 im at the max? I heard that somewhere. For ex: if i were to use a resta merge with those thigs mentioned would i really gain another resta boost? A bit confused there sorry Xd

  15. You must think your the first to say those things... sigh

  16. Where is my "Sunny buys luck materials for 20 pds each" sign? D:

  17. bye robin hood

  18. Ya hize la quest "Quedarme nel Lobby" unas 1000 vezes...

    1. Die


      algun drop bueno? xD

  19. me esta traindo u.u

  20. No se orbiden, x3 drops es para ir por el wedding de louis. :)

    1. louisking
    2. Ganon


      Deja q sake algo el sunny sino se acostumbra este gay ajajajaja

    3. louisking
  21. Ok i was just checking i love my sof :P

  22. Mmm thats why i said just because it seems odd my demons hitting on the first try...

    Does it work with all slicers? (aka an s rank one)

  23. Zyn pro the sns on slicers is just for longer range? (just asking, scarse info on this). Also im guessing it works on all slicers...

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