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  1. @fyrewolf5 i will be on today for sure, so if theres a way to reverse this that would be great.
  2. Thx for the replies, so i guess there is not much i can do. So back to pd hunt
  3. Just tried to combine invisible guard and heart key to get safety heart. Didnt work with guard equipped but instead changed my love heart into sweetheart (D'oh) which ist kind of annoying. Any help possible? guild card 42161919
  4. Iam not sure if i understand what you mean with free. Iam online now if that is what your asking.
  5. Somehow my double cannon got lost on my (probably Common) bank. Unfortunately i only saved pictures from me untekking lavis cannon. Can you restore the Item? Thx in advance pso.bmp guild card 42161919
  6. Vivienne- Zu - Ult - Skyli - Ep4-RegDrop Heaven striker coat- Yowie-Ult-Skyli-ep4-REgdrop Heavenly Body- Dorphon Eclair-Ult- Skyli-Ep4-regdrop
  7. regular drop ( SACRED DUSTER) Astark-Ultimate--SKY-EP4 Cent Legs- Satellite Lizard-Ultimate-Sky-EP4 Cent tech- Yowie-Ultimate--SKY-EP4 Cent tech- Ba Boota-Ultimate-SKY-EP4
  8. Character: Sideswipe Hucaseal sky Guildcard: 42161919 Character Slot: 1 Date/Time: Sa. 30.01.2016 Description: Yesterday I lost my 3rd Item a Hell Raygun with 50% Hit. After i took it out of the common Bank it disappeared, Its not in my character inventory and not in any of my banks. Comments: I know its not big thing, but I am little worried if this happens to a real rare Item. Can i avoid it somehow? this game is got to be kidding me...the gun is back in my inventory so never mind
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