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  1. This is gonna be very ugly, heck. Ult ep2 Deldepth Whitill - Amore Rose Ult ep2 Deldepth Bluefull - Amore Rose Ult ep2 Deldepth Viridia - Amore Rose Ult ep2 Deldepth Yellowboze - Amore Rose Ult ep2 Deldepth Oran - Amore Rose Ult ep2 Deldepth Redria - Amore Rose Ult ep2 Deldepth Pinkal - Amore Rose Ult ep2 Deldepth Purplenum - Amore Rose Ult ep2 Deldepth Skyly - Amore Rose Ult ep2 Deldepth Greenill - Amore Rose
  2. I think you mean Dark Bringer. White delsaber is genpei or somethin.
  3. Skyly Ult Ep2 Deldepth - Amore Rose. Greenill Ult ep2 Deldepth - Amore Rose. im starting to think that all deldepths drop roses.
  4. Master Raven - Skyly Ult Ep2 Sinow Zoa (Blue one, incase i got name wrong, is where it dropped from.)
  5. Purplenum Ult ep2 Deldepth - Amore Rose (sorry for a lot ;-; )
  6. Purplenum Ult ep1 Delsaber - Last Swan Purplenum Ult ep1 Melqueek or Nano Dragon (not sure which, it dropped in a mass of enemies) - Rianovsnr-4 sorry if its there, i couldnt find it
  7. if you REALLY want your proof, here. Are you happy now? You've got picture proof, and a GM saying it.
  8. @Aigis npnp. i dunno if this is right place for this either BUUt, Sil Dragon Slayer, Dragon Slayer (fully grinded) + Blue Black Stone. Requires 650 ATP to use. 650 atp, 70 ata, Class: Sword Blizzard or Freeze special, I'm not sure. Probably is able to be used by all? I'm not sure, ill edit it in when i check in a bit. *edit*, All new weapons can be used by ALL classes. Just checked.
  9. Amore Rose - Oran Ult Ep2 Deldepth so useful, amirite
  10. Oh boi you're gonna loooove this one: Ult Ep1 Gran Sorc Viridia - dun dun Blue Black Stone! Ult Ep1 Crimson Assassin Viridia - DUN DUN Magic Rock Heart Key!
  11. Whitill ep1 Dark belra; belra arm (or wahtever its called) - regular drop.
  12. EP 1, Oran, Crimson Assassin ultimate, Rambling May
  13. i dunno if i said this already, but, Purple Goran Deto ult ep4- regular SoF drop. Purple Merissa A ult ep4 - Kroe's Sweater
  14. I'd find people to hunt with, who have the IDs you need, or make a character with the ID you need. First one is probably easier.
  15. It's also, uh, FOmar not FOmarl. c;
  16. Was just doing random stuff and was able to recreate a drop that happened with @Auli'i a while ago. i still feel bad that i took that ADR so long ago ;;;
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