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  1. lol u gone again?

  2. i guess i will get on soon to promoteand give out my items ll who wants my ftd im guessing now u want to be my friend.. anyway i miss yall scorp cable and syd dont quit just cause we did only do it if YOU want to. i found out larva quit right after me and lauren did wow such a coinsidence. email me my friends email me mememememememeememmemeememememem. cya maybe we will go to same college or something lol be so hillarious. im going to my cities so come down here to louisiana haha
  3. or should i said lauren?it doesnt matter both r good friends

  4. oh you cant make syd a gm until someone is removed? i dont want to mkae that decision, i thought there was a space. i wouldn't want to remove the place of a gm, even so, i dont know which GM is slacking off i barely see any on.
  5. thanks for understanding my cause if you disagree, comment too, i want to know why he shouldnt i dont want to start and arguemnet, just wanna see if anyone doesnt want this
  6. ok lauren told me that syd should become a gm, i agree, he is on mostly everyday he helps people if they ask and speaks both dominate languages, so is able to sort out things. I understnad if larva doesnt need anymore gm's but if you do larva, consider syd. im sure you have been thinking about it anyway. oh and syd, lauren ....again.... thanks you for sorting out her lost sword see what a good deed; reply if you agree!
  7. sup kingmegid its me Syd

  8. great name to call scthack.. shithack lol im sure you didnt mean to but that was a good one XD
  9. welcome to the server! :)

  10. uh how do you snap a screenshot while ur playing? i looked in my folder and it has pic's but i dont no how they got there. ok nvm i found out it's print screen thanks to syd telling lauren who told me
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