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  1. Will be adding more things but here is the initial offer.



    master sword 0/90/0/90/70

    master sword 90/0/80/0/60

    PDS 650


    Can do all for PGF

    or can find more stuff in my bank to add to the list to see if anything would interest you. 

    Pm me to discuss it. Thanks


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  2. 1 minute ago, Feebie said:

    Was it a one hit kill or just dropped your health really low? FOnewearl Zonde doesn't kill HUmar in one hit.

    Dropped low. I already talked to her and said it was my fault for not checking room info. Thought it was gonna be hunter against hunter. Turns out it was my fault for assuming. Pmd her and asked her to not drop out and continue. 

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Yasuo said:

    I mean Starlord, you know HUmar counter Fo? ^^" you're complaining while you have the advantage I can say it yeah because the guy who won against me was using HUmar but actually it just need to play really like a boss on it. Just saying because you seems to think that HUmar is weak xD

    You must not play battlemode much XD. But I talked it over with her and said my fault for assuming she was using hunewearl since that’s all I’ve seen her play. It’s already been squashed. No need for 2 cents.

  4. 8 minutes ago, arkraiserx said:

    You spoke to me first. I'm just bored with so much hate. think what you want I do not even know you


    Enviado desde mi SM-N960X mediante Tapatalk


    Yeah I said I lost. I’m not looking to rematch. Unless the language barrier there is very strong I can say it in Spanish also. You wanted to compete right? Go ahead. 

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