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  1. Winner il give u 5pds tomorrow, if u want to add a game then please do, il pay for the next winner of your game also Screen shot a small image of the game not full image to make it harder/more fun
  2. Still available to guessing, I'm. Going bed now so if anyone gets it correct il give you the 5pds tomorrow, in any case if anyone wants to carry on the game by adding there own screen shots they are more welcome!
  3. Winner damn even got console correct haha! Next one up
  4. Iron shiek wins Sorry crank iron sheik won, but yes you are correct! Next one is up Next one up!
  5. Haha thank you duja, I won that after about 20x attempts xD Next one
  6. Haha yeah that was the best part playing Co op stealing the health and energy in the super markets haha! I'm in lobby
  7. Apparently I've gone over adding likes to posts today D:, but if you know which I think you do may aswel take it, as I don't think others will know xD
  8. Winner! I'm. In lobby You would have been half a second to slow either way 😛 Next ones up Dujacat won within half second lol
  9. Yeah it was, couldn't get in to the first one as much, but love panic in funkatron, started playing again few days ago on level 13, so almost near the end, only got 7 out fo the 10 favorutie items though xD Next one is up
  10. Winner! In lobby dark link Yes but just short of rocket tots
  11. Guessing game, guess what game is in each imagen, every one image wins you 5 pds. Rules: first person to guess wins 5pds once the the image has been correctly guessed I will add another il give a clue if it doesn't get found quickly. Just a bit of fun really I love retro games so they're all gonna be like Sega master system to ps1 era Clue 1: ps1 game. Guardian
  12. Damn that's such a generous offer my man! Sounds good to me! Thank you il be on in about 10 mins probably playing as dark link, so if u see me in game give me a shout, I'm normally in lobby haha Cheers for the trade dude pleasure as always
  13. I'm unsure what they're worth to be honest, so what ever you offer will be fine lol
  14. No particular order, unsure of what anything is worth so offers please Ashura mag cell Amities memo x8 Heaven striker coat Disk 1: wedding march Disk 2: day light Disk 4: open your heart 1x naka business card on hold Pcs x24 on hold Kit of hamburg Gal Wing x5 Sinow berils arms Dragon claw Sorcerers right arm Luck mat x2 Cent tp Cent luck x3 Limiter V501 V101 Girl scout cookies sold Blue dream Girl scout cookies Bruce banner sold Ak 47 Crimson coat 0 slot Select cloak 0 slot Spirtit garmet Revival garmet Ricos parasol 0 40 40 0 0hit Phonon maser unteked 0 0 30 0 0hit Has 9000m no spec 0 0 0 0 0 Panzer faust 30 0 30 0 0 hit Infero girasole 25 0 45 35 0 hit Heaven punisher 30 35 0 0 0hit Storm wand indria: unteked 0 60 15 0 0hit Braveman untek 0 0 35 20 45 hit Hell ripper 0 0 0 45 50hit Choas calibur 0 40 0 0 40hit Heart of morollian x2 Delsabers left arm Charge vulcan 0 0 0 25 45 hit Tjs 0 100 0 100 80 hit <unsure if selling yet V801 Alliance uniform Yas 7000v 0 0 55 0 no spec Phoniex claw 0 0 0 0 0 Vjaya 0 0 -5 0 0 Samurai armour 4 slot on hold Psyco wand 0 40 0 35 0 Sarcred bow 0 0 0 40 35 hit Hylian shield on hold Banana cannon 35 hit on hold V801
  15. What would you trade for that tjs?
  16. Miss you dude, hope all is well with your life, hopefuly speak again one day 😊

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