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  1. 13 minutes ago, Lobotomy said:

    Apart from Kotta's advice, which covers pretty well the basics, I think you should change your mag and your armor. Agay triggers aren't very good. Tellusis is optimal. Other options are Soniti, Sato, Nidra, etc. If you can start with a PPP mag much better. Max stats with 185 pow are much more efficient. Samurai Armor is just crap on cast. Try to get a wedding dress, a dress plate or some armor that at least offers some utility for you.


    Also @Kotta no idea whether u were jokin but those numbers on the RR are its resses xD.

    Thank you both for the advice :D I will bear it in mind! Will definitely invest in telsisus mag! And didn't think hucast males could wear wedding dress? Or am I thinking of a different armour? Only maxed atp and ata :L and @Kotta I am max level lol. Gave my maxed tjs to iron sheik for his collection and haven't really played properly for few years so just getting back to it really :D but thank you for all advice! And haha DF is to rich for my blood unless this year I get a pgf 

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  2. Looking for some advice on my hucast build what would be best to swap out to increase power any recommendations welcome armour mag weapons barrier slots 


    Mag agastya 5 172 23 0

     red ring 30 30 30 5 5 

     samurai armour 4 slot

    Slots: cent arms

    Cent battle

    Cent power

    Cent power



    Psycoravens +80 0 0 50 35 45 hit

    Slicer of fanatic +30 35 0 30 0 40hit

    Serene swan +80 0 0 0 40 0hit



  3. Blue dream shield 10pds

    Aka 47 sheild 10pds 

    Yasakani- magatama 1pd

    Sonic magazine untekked with hit 2pd

    Ashura mag cell 2pd

    Heaven striker coat 3pd

    Harmonic resonance core x2 23pd each

    Sinow berills arms x2 2pd each

    Gi gues body 1pd

    Delsabers left arm 2pd

    Centurion tp 5pds

    Limiter 10pds?

    V501 3pd

    V101 3pd

    Sacred bow dark 40 35 hit 15pd sold

    Psycho wand 40a beast 35 dark 10pd

    Heaven punisher 30 Nat 35 a beast 5pd -sold

    Panzer faust 30 Nat 30 machine 5pd

    Yas9000m 0s 1pd

    Ricos parasol 40 a beast 40 machine 8pd

    Disk vol 1: wedding march offer

    Disk vol 2: day ligh offer

    Disk vol 4: open your heart offer

    Sorcerors right arm 2pd

    Boom as right arm 1pd

    Gigboomba right arm 2pd

    Gal wing x2 2pd each





    Open to offers

  4. On 1/8/2021 at 7:40 PM, Kotta said:


    Can't we just have a free-to-play guessing game? xD

    I fear the owner of this game will end up bankrupt before time:onion-head22:


    That aside, I have another one :onion-head28:



    [It Is kind of hard to tell, unless you know the game, though >.<]

    It didn't take long to become bankrupt 😅 but I'm back again now for the grind and to do more give aways in the near future 💪 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Kotta said:



    I have only heard of memes and stuff about this, but It was a reaaaaally long time ago. Some weird name about Red card or something... (and something about choosing between alien and dolphin as characters for a team?:onion-head49: No Idea xD)

    Winner il give u 5pds tomorrow, if u want to add a game then please do, il pay for the next winner of your game also 

    1 minute ago, Link1990 said:

    Winner il give u 5pds tomorrow, if u want to add a game then please do, il pay for the next winner of your game also 

    Screen shot a small image of the game not full image to make it harder/more fun :)

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