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  1. Update: Tried it with different Networks. No matter if I was at a friends' place, I reconnect various times to my own one, or if I use a hotspot. Still a "no" for me.
  2. I tried it, but it didn't work sadly.. Just like everything else so far. Life is hard I guess
  3. Nope, a VPN or other proxy services are not used.
  4. My connection is fine. Everything works without a single problem, but then there's PSO. I tried to download patches, but I just get the same error message. Is there a way to patch manually, maybe?
  5. Hey everyone. Since 3 days I've had this problem. It's been a long time since I played PSO and I felt like playing again but I can't. Everytime I press "start game" my screen goes black for ~15 seconds. Then I get error No.903: "Patch server connection failed. The server may be under maintenance. Please check the current news updates on the Official Site." ....Even though the webpage showed the servers as online and even listed the number of currently active players. I tried fixing it by doing, what was suggested in other threads. 1: System --> advanced system settings --> settings --> I don't know what it's called in english since my computer is in german.. it's something like data execution prevention? i added every .exe file in the PSO folder to these exceptions, restarted. no change. 2: Restarted my computer of course. No change. 3. Firewall exception / disabled my Firewall: Nope, didn't work. 4. Reset my router. Didn't work. 5. Disconnected from my wifi, connected to a different one: Didn't work. Reconnected to my old one: Didn't work. 6. Reinstalled PSO: Also didn't work. So.. What do I do? Or are the servers really offline.. ? Because the page says otherwise. And I'm running out of ideas. Edit: Also, I'm running it as administrator. I changed my resolution, crack mode is disabled, and I tried running every .exe file there is. Had no luck yet. Edit2: Pictures added: 1: When I open online.exe: http://puu.sh/gVGmM/2f060e7f52.jpg it tells me the servers are apparently offline. 2: http://puu.sh/gVGtk/1ccb9955e9.jpgUsual menu, should be able to start the game, right...? 3: Nope. Blackscreen comes up, and stays at least 15 seconds, if not, a bit longer. http://puu.sh/gVGwA/dcc715237b.jpg 4: After the blackscreen, I am greeted with this screen: http://puu.sh/gVGvj/239eec12fd.jpg No matter which .exe I use (PsOBB, online, PsOBw), I always get the screens from 2 to 4... I hope it's okay that I just used URL's instead of uploading pictures. If not, I will change it, no problem.
  6. Name: Brandon Age: 18 Preferred contact method: Forums, Skype, Twitter, in game... Either is fine, whereever you want. Hobbies: Gaming (PC, PS3), Anime, Manga, Visual Novels, Music. I do have a guitar but I don't really play... Shame on me. Picture: Selfie on a boat, 2 years ago. Didn't find anything up to date that I am oka with. Just a bunch of pictures of me making stupid faces A little more about your self: I spend lots of my freetime with just playing games lately, mostly League of Legends, been playing it since a year now and I decided to pick up PSO once again. Gaming got me ever since I was young, started playing lots of games with my older brothers (NES, SNES, N64 being first consoles). Now I'm just trying to kill time pretty much until I start studying in mid-October. Gonna be informatics. Hope I'll be fine !
  7. Guess I am one of the few persons who dislikes mountain dew, mh? I drank it like once, didn't like it but that was a few years ago. Might have changed. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone
  8. Thought I'd introduce myself since I'm playing since a few days without really doing too much in the forums. Time to change that now I guess Name is Brandon, from Germany. 18 years old. Hobbys are most likely music, anime / manga and gaming, I played PSO on my Gamecube when I was 8 I think. Was a fun time back then, and that's why I returned to PSO:BB a few years ago. And now I thought it's time to check out this server, and so far, I like it! For the time being, you will meet me in game as a newly born RAmarl Mikasa, HUnewearl Touka (why is HUnewearl not as popular? Cause of stat caps? come on people. class is still awesome IMO. ) or RAcast Bulat. New to this server, but not new to PSO. Even though I might be rusty when it comes to certain stuff, like quick TTF's. Need to recall what to do and stuff. Any questions? Feel free to ask. Hope we'll get along and slay some mobs together, a'ight?!
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