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  1. listen idk wth is up with you honestly i had to read the crap you wrote 3 times because i couldnt believe you even wrote that man i get online play the game you all help me out when you can you help me out with items and such wich are supposebly free items you give away i seen you give items to other players to help them out wich is something nice to do but when i read the post you write i get upset cause we game together have a good time and what ever and now its like well he quit get his items back and give to me im like wow really i cant believe you would go to that extreme shawty i gave the rares i had away because i didnt need them nomore i was being nice to a party that i dindt even know lol gave them everything then you say you heard stories? lol man this is crazy of course i aint going to respond to your mail bro once i quit i quit i decided to see some more of the post on this and when i caught what you said i had to get online drop the yas gun you loaned to me in front of chibbs and leave man i cant belive this happened lol and what if i wanted to come back and play again? wait thats right i wouldnt have anything now since you wanted someone to take my items? idk if they can even do that i honestly wouldnt be surprised if they did but for real then what would i do i aint ganna beg for items you offered help for hunting the pgf and kroes and i thzank you for that help anyways the kroe was a super luck drop that we were both surpriesed it even dropped ogh and the pgf man i remeber that like it ws yesterday bud gaia made the room i joined we ran seabed and the luck it dropped on the 1st run was funny not once in the game anyone said the drop would be theres see i have to say this because like i said the post you made was crazy im sorry bud but i couldnt let this go of all the ppl i gamed with on pso i like gaming with well the only 3 that usually played with me lol you naruto and element -.- but w/e i guess sorry bout the long wall of text also k
  2. gave the yas back thats the only wep i am giving back since that is not mine i was going to give the dm but after reading this crap i couldnt believe i read it lol now the wep is definetly gone so bye bye =) take care all
  3. well after 3yrs of slow lvling i officially have hit the cap on pso =) it was a long long road for me but it was very fun while it lasted i got most of what i need besides a gun that hates me >.> ovenmitts knows wich gun lol well to everyone thats helped me along the way getting items and such thx all and to my team ovenmitts its been fun i had some laughs with most you that i played with and had some dam near over the edge piss offs lol with some drops and even now before i hit the cap it still didnt drop went for that final try with it and like always the gun hates me lol but i had alot of fun so i am now officially leaving and no naruto you cannot have the dark meteor i knowonce you see this you will post 25 times till i answer so i will say it now 25x well not really but no lol thx shawty and gaia for your help in getting me the dark meateor and shawty for the nice arms for the fuse its been real everyone i hope you all join me in the next pso wich shouldnt be too long lol to everyone that i have ever played with ty and everyone take care oh also keep doing a great job with the server guys you too larva yuo kept this going for a long time man i know it must be a pain in the ass to run this and family i know o,o well you all take good care and bye pso =) oh sorry bout the grammar lol i am no good at it ohwell lol
  4. go to the pso site where you can dl all those skins and just get the skin thats makes it normal it will overwrite the current one your using its pretty easy same way you got that skin same way for the other one also same steps o,o/)
  5. got me a PGF now onto finding Heavens Punisher O,O/)

    1. Xylene


      You got PGF?! Grats!

    2. sabusa20


      lol yes guess the oran id is the way to go lol

  6. sabusa20


    kroes sweater o,o? if interested plz let me know ok
  7. hey do u still have the chu cell i think i have 3pd lol will u take pc also plz let me know k
  8. hi im selling my kroes sweater if any is interested let me know i am just looking for PD's and units adeptmake a reasonable offer lol let me know take care everyone hope to hear from someone soon =)
  9. yes tyvm how would i go about getting item back do i meet online ? ty in advance
  10. hi i was online and i was running forest on v hard mode i decided to quit the game and when i came back to make another room i check my inventory and everything was unequipped so i equip everything back but i notice i dont have my heavens striker on my ramarl so i check bank and nothing is there i have encountered the unequip glitch on me a few times so i usually can find the unequip items in the bank but today it made me lose my heavens striker i tried reset lobby remaking room nothing i would like help for a roll back for the heavens striker plz help me out here its my only good gun and had for around 4 months and all of a sudden its gone my GC# is 42006115 name is yuki ty in advance and sorry for the long post just abit depressed in losing my gun =( also i dont have a screen shot of the item before or after since i never in my right mind would see this coming i know i need the screen shot but since i lost item there is nothing to show i also check bank and i dont see any error of ???? items i honestly dont know what else to say the time was around 1:15am through1:50am im not to sure from time but i know it wasnt long before i decided to post this here
  11. you ran hp runs without me o,o =( well did you get hp atleast? lol
  12. trying to hunt heavens punisher!! =)

    1. Xylene
    2. sabusa20


      i will soon get it i hope >.> stupid torr

  13. sabusa20

    Team OvenMitts

    lol thx glad i can help maybe this charm can get a sjs too im still get use to edit on forum abit confused but i will get it eventually =)
  14. sabusa20

    Team OvenMitts

    well this is my very first post ever on the site but ty for letting me join your team i hope we can enjoy many quests ahead =) oh this is chi btw lol
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