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  1. No longer need.

  2. Death

    B<Hylian Shield

    This can be closed.
  3. Can pay with pds and dts
  4.  70 luck mats

  5. B<UR hit

    1. Kotta



      Idk If you are still looking for an Ultima Reaper after a while, but I got this UR I can sell :D 

      Ultima Reaper +15 [0/0/25/50|30]

      Can sell you this with a PoST for 15DTs/120PDs :onion120: 

    2. Death


      I want them both

  6. S> Fury of the Beast +25 [35/0/0/30|35] 99pds/15dts


    1. Kotta



      I will buy Beast with a Photon Sphere :D


  7. I will buy the type sh/shot hell and MF 50hit
  8. Buying HP mats x125 with dts

  9. Death


    I don't see point in some these comments. Go troll and post off topic comments elsewhere.
  10. Death


    I'm looking for gear on Ephinea server if you have these gear message me I have some good good ranger items, dm, df, sta, pds, and more...
  11. Death

    Trade for PGF

    this topic can be closed
  12. This is I give for PGF / Dark Flow 50n/d50hit or 50n/ab50hit Sonic team armor Frozen booster Psycho raven 0/0/100/100/70 30/0/0/30/30 ultima reaper Message if interests
  13. Death


    this topic can be closed.
  14. Death


    I sell Glide Divine 3dts or 20pd
  15. Death

    small shops

    okay you logged on now?
  16. Death

    small shops

    s>items Flame Visit [40/40/50/0|0] 20pd Egg Blaster MK2 +10 [0/0/30/45|50] 3d Iron Faust +18 [0/0/0/0|0] 5dt / 35pd Psycho Raven +80 [0/0/100/100|70] 90dts Psycho Raven +80 [100/75/0/0|55] 65dts S-RANK Launcher ZALURE +180 [Zalure] 15dt Macho Blades [0/0/0/0|0] 10dt / 70pd S>Mille Faucilles [25/0/0/25|30] 15dt Panzer Faust [30/0/0/30|0] 10pd Master Raven +9 [40/0/45/0|0] 20pd Glide Divine 3dt or 20pd S-Parts ver2.01 [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] 20pd Centurion/Resist 2dt or 10pd Centurion/Ability 5pd Centurion/Arms 10pd wants yas9k demons 80hit yas9k charge 80hit type shot hell 80hit (I have dts, and pds can pay for these items)
  17. This trade has been done I ask a gm can lock this.
  18. ty a trade is completed, this can be closed.
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