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  1. Hello Everyone! Everyones Favorite Fomar Break is back! (often mistaken for the Eden server Break)
  2. Hey man, thanks a heap for the befriending. ;D

    Though I do wonder what inspired you to do so.

  3. It isnt really so bad though, the EXP value being higher allows you to get to higher difficulties, but the lower drop raits, just mean's you'll spend a wee bit more time collecting what you want. Hence... you dont need to worry much about striving to become more powerful to catch up to the rest of the crowd. Not to mention on the gamecube and dreamcast and such, the drops were alittle too easy to get. where as on schthack, the exp value is EXTREMELY low, and the item drop's were completely changed from the original. This server system in my opinion is a much better solution than the other's.
  4. Not much, just waiting for a new TTF quest that was made for another server in another version of the game, after that it's recording time

  5. I'll donate come christmas time. for the time being i have to fix my car and such... and i bairly make $20 a week T_T. But I usualy get around $300 for christmas so i'll send at least $50.
  6. So this may be just a tiny bit off topic but has anyone ever tried www.ragol.co.uk? they have every drop except for a hand full.
  7. Ya know i had a similar problem, but my MAG's stats werent changed, just the type, and my photon blasts were gone. it fixed itself after i got the thing up to level 50.
  8. welcome to ultima server , you'll love it here. friendlyest people on the web too if you need a hand with anything feel free to ask me I'm usualy playing on my FOmar Break.
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