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    Quick Sale

    Not much to say, good items for sale. BTW (They told me that DT ratio is 7-8 pds) Black King bar 0/0/45/ 60 hit 17 Dts/125 pds Yasminkov 9000m 0/15/0/45 40 hit (Charge) 35 Dts/250 pds **Sold** Psycho Raven 25/0/0/25 15 dts (110 pds) **Sold** Jizai 20/0/0/0 45 hit 25 pds Lindcray 20/0/0/0 20 pds Lindcray 0/0/30/0 20 pds Psycho Wand 0/0/35/0 15 pds **Sold** Snow Queen 0/30/0/0 35 hit 40 pds Hylian Shield 14 dts/110 pds **Sold** Centurion Battle x2 30 dts **Sold** Psycho Black Crystal 23 dts/150 pds Blue-Black Stone 30 pds That's it, if you're interested remember to send me pm and we negotiate :') Cya.
  2. Are you connected? I have what you are looking for
  3. For you,1 pd for both :3 I am a generous God
  4. Bumperinoooo Add Two Centurion Battle :3 Looking For Red ring max and DTS Let's gooooooooo
  5. Bumperinoo *new items*
  6. Hi! The price is always what first brings us to our eyes. Even more so in this type of cases in which we look for specific specifications we have in a model and which does not have the other, and why a tablet has a price and another with the same characteristics is cheaper. Obviously, if your budget allows you it is advisable to use a tablet with a screen (without this being the best graphic tablet on the market, with a "regular" is enough), because it is the feeling that is most similar to drawing on paper. real. But if you are starting and your budget is adjusted, it is best to opt for a tablet without a screen, cheaper, but that will allow you to draw digitally. Of course, in a more uncomfortable at first, but equally you will take the skill soon after using it, I assure you.
  7. Rivaul

    Gui shops

    I want the 3 liberta kit
  8. I already have one like that, I need something better
  9. S-rank zalure needle and heaven striker with good stats
  10. wd 10 dts,yass charge 30 dts,sorry baranz sold it :T
  11. Welcome human Since I am a generous God, i will let a mortal like you contemplate everything i can offer in my market, if you are interested, send me a pm or reply. But first,let me let you know what i want,your God. 1- DTS (There are things that I can only sell for that, and it's more than obvious). 2- Red Ring Max (MAIN PRIORITY) 3- Heaven striker (good stats). 4- S-rank zalure needle. 5- The love of her...wait what? Well, it's time to show you everything that your God offers you.. Weapons: Asteron belt 0/0/15/15/ 0 S beat's blade+8 Lavis Cannon 0/0/25/0 35 Bringers Rifle 50 hit Bringers Rifle 30 hit Baranz arms 50 hit Vivienne 0/0/35/0 40 Heaven striker 0/0/30/0 Bannana cannon Glide divine v.00 30 hit Glide divine v.00 45 hit Rico's parasol 0/35/30/0 45 hit Rico's parasol x2 (regular stats) Typeme/mechgun+30 BLANK TypeGU/mechgun+90 BLANK Crush Cannon Dragon Slayer 20/30/0/0 40 hit Lindcray x3 Water gun (no special) Spread needle 0/45/0/40 Spread needle 35/0/0/35 Red saber 0/35/0/40 Last swan 0/40/0/40 Froozen shooter 0/0/30/0 30 hit Yasminkov 7000v x4 Lame d'argent 0/0/30/0 Rage de feu 0/25/0/0 30 hit Asteron striker 35/0/0/25 Ultima reaper 10/0/0/25 Angel harp 30/45/0/0 40 hit S-Red's blade Psycho wand Yasminkov 9000m 80 machine Yasminkov 9000m 0/15/0/45 40 hit (charge) Excalibur 0/0/0/30 Slicer of fanatic 20/35/0/0 Master Raven 25/0/0/0 ============================================= Armours: Electro frame Smoking plate 4 slots Wedding Dress 4 slots Wedding Dress 4 slots Stink frame Aura field Sacred cloth Blue odoshi violet nimaidou x2 Kroe's sweater x2 Godric's Cloack 4 slots =============================================== Shields: Red ring min Striker plus x2 Trhee Seals Honeycomb Reflector Hylian shield Genpei Virus shield: vol op Rupika Stink shield ================================================= Units: V801 x2 Cent/Ability x3 V101 Divine protection Trap search Godric's ability Cent/power Cent/Luck Cent/Body x3 Cent/HP Cent/Battle x2 Heavenly arms Heavenly ability Heavenly TP x3 =============================================== Mags: Elenor 5/145/50/0 Twins/pilla/idk the other pb Panzer's Tail 8/160/32/0 (No have twins) Sato 9/127/64/0 Twins/pilla/idk the other pb Sato 5/135/60/0 Twins/pilla/idk the other pb Nidra 5/148/47/0 Twins/pilla/idk the other pb Nidra 5/140/55/0 (No have twins) Geung-Si 5/150/45/0 Twins/pilla/idk the other pb Puyo 5/140/55/0 Twins/pilla/idk the other pb ================================================== Techs: Jellen 30 Zalure 29 x3 Shifta 30 x2 Deband 30 Resta 30 x2 ==================================================== Mag cells: Cell mag 502 x2 Tablet x2 Heaven striker coat Pioneer parts Heart of Morolian x4 Ashura mag cell x4 Kit of dreamcast x5 Kit of sega saturn x2 Kit of master system x3 Kit of mark3 x4 Panther's spitir x3 Heart of angel Heart of devil Kit of hamburger =============================================== Unique items Magic rock "moola" x2 Magic stone "iritista" Blue-Black stone Magic rock "heart key" Star amplifier x4 Psycho black crystal Proof of sonic team S-beat's arms x3 Pan-arms x2 Delsaber Right-arm x2 S-red's arms Dragons'claws Part of baranz x4 Belra's right arm Sinow berrill arms Gal Gryphons wing x3 Well, those are all the gadgets of your God.... Remember, I am a considerate and generous God.If you like something send me pm or leave your reply. Come back anytime And do not forget to kneel before your god when you enter this post,and leave your follow for more content of your favorite God,Riva :3 Cya!
  12. Rivaul

    Riva Merch

    Please close this c:
  13. Rivaul

    Riva Merch

    Over here....Stranger. Got something that might interest you hehehe... Crush Cannon 0/0/0/0 Bannana Cannon 0/0/0/0 Typeme/mechgun+30 Blank Centurion/Battle Wedding Dress MIN Wedding Dress MIN Hylian Shield Trade all these items for Typeshot demon 80 hit and typeshot hell 80 hit :3 Come back anytime....
  14. "Everyone wears a mask. I just chose to create my own."

    1. SelahIsASpot


      jhin is one of my favorites oh my.


  15. Close this post please x3
  16. Buying liberta kit or agastya mag (pref pow mags)
  17. i want the hamburger :3 and master system too <3
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