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  1. Why are Indi Belra's so strong I can only hurt them if i use my cannon rouge +30, and thats for like 60. I'm level 163! :'(
  2. Thanks for the quick response! A maxed red ring? I was unaware there was such a thing. What is the difference?
  3. As stated in the title I've got two random questions! 1. If you purchase armor from the item donation list does it come with 4 slots or 0 slots? 2. I noticed Red Ring is on the item list for 25 tickets. Is that true?
  4. yellow (gobooma) - use zonde brown (booma)- use foi purple (gigabooma)- use ice wolves - zonde or barta light brown? color coding only works well on the boomas. when you leave forest youll just have to hit things with different techs and see how much damage each thing does and use the one that works best. Youll remember what everything does and what works best eventually. And if all else fails ask me XD
  5. Hi all! I just joined this server a couple days ago and so far it is wonderful and I am super glad to be here. Everyone is super cool and friendly and willing to help out which is awesome! I've played PSO since gamecube days and then on SCHTHACK. I took a break for about 5 years(???) and decided to come back. I'm also lucky enough to have been able to get my fiance (Lulu) interested in the game which is a mega plus so HUZZAH! Thank you to the community and the folks in charge for keeping the server running so I can share this great game with her!
  6. HI FIANCE! XD Welcome! Glad you came to play this game with ME! (And everyone else!)
  7. Name: Jason Age: 23 Preferred contact method: Forum/In-game i suppose Hobbies: Games, Movies, My Fiance! (Brownie points) Picture: (Maybe later) A little more about your self: Well I'm currently going to college, and working part time. I'm also in the Air National Guard. I'm engaged to a wonderful woman named Lena, who I finally got to play a video game (this one), and her in game name is Lulu, (her post is above mine). I've been playing PSO since gamecube days, then played on the SCHTHACK (spelling?) private server, and after 5 years of absence decided to come here! Huzzah! Glad to be here
  8. I made a new character the color outfit that pso world said would give me an orange mag, but it always gives me brown instead. ive tried multiple times with different characters/outifts that are also supposed to give orange, but i cant seem to get orange. what am i doing wrong? edit:nvm this has been resolved in game
  9. Well first of all, HI! I'm new! Glad to be here! I used to play this game a lot like, 5 years ago... So now I want to get back into it and got a quick question on Section IDs. I know they determine drops and I believe also effect MAG evolution, but with community support do I really need to worry about whether or not I'm going to be finding the drops I want? Would you recommend naming my character for the Section ID or naming them what I want and relying on trading for the weapons I desire. (Sucks cause I want both Shots and Rifles for my RAcast) Thanks! XD
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