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  1. I was able to log in with each character and change the controls to each, walk around and navigate the menus. While I have not entered combat with any just yet, I feel reasonably certain that this issue is now solved. So first, thank you. Second, I will do my best not to break it again. While I have another account on your service, I would rather not lose progress due to my own ignorance.
  2. My control scheme still has not been reset. I'm fine with it being removed or set back to default. Are there issues preventing you from doing this?
  3. Hey, just checking in for an update? This is still an issue with or without the controller plugged in.
  4. I had no idea that was a thing, thank you so much! My guildcard # is 42110792!
  5. Unfortunately I don't know how to find my guildcard number without logging in. I could give you the character names and levels though, would that help at all? Foxen lvl 143 RAcaseal Redria, Black maid outfit, Sato mag with full CUSTOM RAY/BARRIER/ARMOR VER.00 set. Units installed on armor include Heavenly/Battle, and I believe God/Power Callista lvl 102 Hucaseal Oran, Pink color scheme Foxen lvl 43 FOnewearl Pinkal, Blue color scheme Lunestra lvl 27 HUnewearl Skyly, Red/black color scheme I'm not sure any of that will help you find the proper account, if not, I'm sorry.
  6. Update: I have been unable to fix this issue on my end. I have searched for "Sega", "PSOBB", "Phantasy", "Redria", "Sonic", "SonicTeam", "Ultima", and "Endmyexistence". After deleting all relevant data related to PSOBB and Ultima, I don't think that I'm able to fix this on my end. My only thought is that it must save the configurations serverside? Any further assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated As I am unable to play otherwise, thank you! I do not have another system to install PSOBB Ultima on to test if my theory is correct, I'm sorry.
  7. I thought I had fixed this issue. I had found a registry folder named HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-471330482-451288726-1735837332-1000\Software\SonicTeam\PSOBB by searching for the word "Phantasy". I deleted the SonicTeam folder. While this removed system and Launcher.exe settings, login information, graphics and sound settings, when I reached character select, the previous control issue persisted.
  8. I wouldn't have an earthly clue how to remove the registry entry for PSOBB, so I would prefer to search for any wayward .ini files I may have missed. I've searched through program files, windows, and appdata with no luck trying to find them. If there are .ini files, then they are not located where the game is installed and do not disappear upon uninstallation. Is there a known location where configurations are stored that I missed other than the installation folder?
  9. EDIT:This issue has been solved by asking a developer to delete server-side control configurations. It has also been stated that this will not be done again if there are further issues due to critical connectivity failure between the keyboard peripheral and the human in front of it. Guildcard: 42110792 Character Slot: all Date/Time: Thursday, May 23, 2019 (as of June 12th, 2019, this is no longer an issue.) Description: Below Comment: Currently Unable to play Sigh Alright, I'm going to skip over everything that I did to get here because frankly, I can't be arsed. The short of the story is that I REFUSE to use the keyboard for this game. I utterly and completely refuse. After a series of desperate actions I wound up downloading Soly's PSOBB Input Mapping tool so that I could change many of the game pad controls to enable joytokey to properly function with modifier buttons. PSOBB has this obnoxious habit of reading your controller inputs directly regardless of what you're telling joytokey to do. So if i press the A button, no matter what modifier keys i have set on joytokey, or even if i make it to where that button is supposed to be disabled, the game reads the input anyway. This is why I downloaded Soly's Input Mapping tool so that I could change all my controls either to NONE (which didn't work) or to "Button 16" which doesn't exist on my controller. This would allow me to, step by step, control the game the way I wanted. Unfortunately, after changing these controls, the KEYBOARD CONTROLS are now completely destroyed and I don't know how to fix them. I am now unable to log into the server because on character select, pressing enter, esc, or the END key results in all commands that I changed to button 16 to trigger at once. I have already tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling, manually deleting the logs and crying. So two questions: Is there a location on my computer where the gamepad configs are stored that I have failed to delete? EDIT: This has been answered. No, there is no location on my/the user's computer. All control schemes are saved server-side. If you are looking to remove all launcher options such as login information and graphics options, it was found on my computer using regedit, at HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-471330482-451288726-1735837332-1000\Software\SonicTeam. Deleting the SonicTeam folder will reset these options back to default. Again, this does NOT include your control schemes. and If not and its stored on the server or something, I might need someone to try and fix it for me. Here is a link to Soly's PSOBB Input Mapping tool or at least the forum that it's on if you need more information on it.
  10. i agree, i think its the router as well, or god help me, my ISP. The only other network i think i could get to is a public hotspot with my laptop, and if my laptop can even run it, its gonna be a miracle. I think its safe to assume that its my router, i was hoping it was just a closed port or something simple. Ill have to scour my router for different settings, what port does the server and game run off of? I also get an error 100 occasionally when trying to deposit money.
  11. Correct, if i leave for more than 4 minutes but not less than 3, then when i return, i can fight enemies, get exp, and feed mag as normal, but i cannot pick up items, nor do new items drop, i can't talk to npc's but i can use red ring rico's messages placed about without interuption. This lasts about 10-20 seconds before the game realizes that im no longer properly connected and boots me.
  12. So is there anything that i can do on my end to fix any of this? It's very difficult having to go through whole areas in one sitting just to get to the bosses.
  13. No, though looking it up, from what im getting, port 455 is something that probably shouldn't be opened "remote code execution vulnerability" sounds... quite detrimental.
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