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  1. I'm selling/trading my 0n/90ab/95m/0d/50h Dark Flow and looking for a P. bridge and maybe some more on my want list Which is: extra Red Ring (min is cool),another ADEPT,Gifoie merge,Anti-Dark ring,50hit or more SOF & hit Hundred Souls. Also S/T > Kroes' Sweater, Lavis Blades, Electro Frame, and clean P.Ravens. So i'm sure we can arrange something shoot me a message
  2. Sweet yeah that will work. I'll shoot you a pm when you are on.
  3. Need a Red Ring. Would rather have a min. but i honestly don't care what the def./eva. I don't value that fact at all. Hit me up if u can let one go in the 30-40 range.
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