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  1. Rollback again x.x

    aha! thanks DJ. You can lock it now =P
  2. Rollback again x.x

    hmmm? It didn't work. Maybe like 15 more minutes back?
  3. Rollback again x.x

    http://www.phantasys...5235#entry15235 you can see the information here. Except when to rollback. =P The same thing happened again oops meant to edit into other post x.x
  4. What's on my mind? Nothing.

  5. Rollback again x.x

    Well I need anotherrollback. The same thing happened as a long time ago. Lolz. I need a rollback to 7:50 pm EDT and on 10/16/10. Feno, the second character. If you need more info just ask. thanks
  6. My Items!

    Thank you thank you thank you! it worked! thanks again
  7. My Items!

    Not to be mean but is the rollback going to happen soon, because it's been 12 days
  8. My Items!

    Guildcard number is 42010029 and by character slot im guessing you mean which character. It's Feno the second character whos a HUmar. Rollback time:July 8, 7:15 thanks
  9. My Items!

    I was playing on ep 2 ultimate. I tried to switch from demolition comet to slicer of braveman using alt+end. A message came up saying i couldnt equip the wep and some more stuff or something like that (lol). Anyway i was dced and i came back. I lost all the items in my inventory except 5 trimates and my meseta. Items i lost Demoltion comet(dont know advantages) Morning prayer(4 slots) Dragon/hp Ogre/power Hp/revival x 2 Dbs sheild Sato lvl 109(not sure about stats heres my guess)(17/53/37/2) Varuna lvl 19(not sure about stats again)(7/7/3/0) Monomate x idk (sorry about that) Dimates x idk(sorry about that) Trimates x 5 Monofluid x idk(sorry about that) Difluid x idk(sorry about that) Trifluid x idk(sorry about that) Sol A x 3 Star A x 10 Moon A x 10 Please help GMS
  10. cant pick up items

    i dropped hp/revival, add slotx2, tanegashima, h&25 justice, frozen shooter, hildeblues's head, god/bodyx2, red scorpio, god/hp x2, cure/confusex3, guilty light,and ano bazookax2 and couldn't pick up again. If u go to tempers games you can still c them.