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  1. Ultima December Event 4th

    Agreed. The event did in fact start late, and to have it cut short? After it was posted it will be up until the 7th? I'm confused...
  2. Need a rollback please...

    Just checked it! Everything's there minus 1 heavenly/ability unit, but that's okay I'll get another one. Thanks!
  3. Need a rollback please...

    Np Larva. Thanks!
  4. Need a rollback please...

    Well, my guild card number is in the first pic but if you want it again, it's 42096295. If you're referring to which character slot, then it was the 3rd slot. And as far as exact time. Can't really say for sure, but I do believe it was between 11pm - 11:30pm.
  5. Need a rollback please...

    Yeah, I know. I just didn't know how to do it. I thought I could just press PRT SC, but it kept opening menu. Can you tell how to take screenshots for next time?
  6. Need a rollback please...

    Are they? They're upright for me. If others say it's sideways, I'll re-upload them.
  7. Need a rollback please...

    Yo! So, I logged on earlier this evening to get my gaming on. Decided to use my RAcast for a lilbit, and was greeted by a bunch of ????'s in my inventory. The only items there were not affected were a heavenly/ability unit, and an ADEPT and Centurion/Ability that I was transferring. I have since returned my ADEPT and Centurion/Ability back to my other character. Here's a pic of my guild card: Here's some pics of some of my inventory before the bug: Here's what I was left with after the bug: Unfortunately, when I attempted to take the pic before I uploaded this one, the ????'s were gone. Hope this helps. This is the first time I actually filed a request for a rollback.