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Sell/Trade Rianov Snr -5 %50 hit


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ok i offer

Red Ring


Daylight Scar 25 hit

Vivienne 45 hit

Parts of Baranz

Elenor Mag 6/150/44/0

Brightness Circle 4 slots

100 pd

100 pc

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I'm so getting this I offer

Red Ring

Glide divine

250 Pds /or 100 pds and guld milla



S rank handgun No special

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il offer

RR maxed


S rank katana no special

mother garb+ (now all forces can use this one=)




or check my shop if you like somthing i can add to this

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mi offer is

Cannon rougue + 30 / 90 native 100 beast 50 hit

Yahoo engine

gui gue body

luck material


999999 meseta xD

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