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1- Enter the Trade Center forum :rf-03: [And don't mind quality and me :rf-00:]



2- Click on the Search Window In the superior right corner of website (webpage? :onion-head49:) and "Seach In" This Forum. If you know what you're looking for, make sure to spell It correctly and "Find results that contain..." All of my search term words :onion120: 
[If not, you can try the other option and hope It doesn't throw you a lot of random unwanted search results :rf-08:]




*You don't need to "Find results In..." Content Titles only, unless :rf-13:you are certain about the topic's title you are looking for :onion-head01: [this can happen at random seasonal times :D]



And finally, an obvious and a "literally hidden"...                                                                      :cr-on-jail::cr-on-jail::cr-on-jail::cr-on-jail::cr-on-jail:

DISCLAIMER [you are too big for me:onion-head84:release me/us! :onion-head28:]

-The obvious disclaimer Is, obviously, If you type It wrong, It won't appear :onion-head09::onion-head79: [Unless others wrongly spelled It alike, In which case I would be proven wrong :onion-head06:]


-The literally hidden disclaimer Is, Hidden content In topic cannot appear In the seach tool :onion-head48: [Learned this when tried to search on Shiida's and Noudle's shop In the pasta past of pastelicious past tense of the passe compose paste d'hasta la pasta, In which cases I was certain they had what I was looking for. but was hidden, despite hiding wasn't the Intention, but to be organized :onion-head65: (unlike me :rf-04: :rf-05:) Maybe that needs to be accomodated differently with another tool to be the same as the hide content, but without the "hide"? :onion-head66:]


Bomb-chu [Burning] [100/100/100/100|9001] :rf-02: :onion-head63:


Hope this helps the community. It has helped me a lot back then :onion106::onion106:

[and hope you had fun reading me :onion05:]


Edited by Kotta
Final touch? :'D
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