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empty bank items

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good evening, I come to ask you for help because I just realized that my inventory at the bank was almost empty, last night my game crashed, then I came back to the server and I played normally, today I realize that everything has disappeared, there are only a few items left that I deposited yesterday and today but I collected a lot of things, everything is gone, my money too. thank you very much for the help provided.

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ok I just understood what happened, yesterday I discovered that there are commands, I used the command /bank to see what it consists of, at the moment I did not notice anything , now I see that the bank of my two characters has been emptied, and that I now have a shared bank! is this action reversible? did I do a big mistake? If so, this command is very dangerous.

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There is nothing dangerous about that command, it just lets you use a 5th bank per account that is shared between all your 4 characters.

So you didn't do anything wrong using /bank.

I can still see items in every bank of your GC, so can you be more specific about what you've lost?

A moins que ce ne se soit produit sur un autre compte que 42220724 ?

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okay! I panicked for nothing actually, it is a very practical function! thank you so much and sorry for wasting your time...i did some research and figured out how it works...i'm a former dreamcast player and all of this didn't exist!

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