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Subzero's icy bits


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No idea on most prices but i'm sure we'll figure something out right? aha

Pm me or post here, mostly junk haha



Mats -


109 x Mind Materials

23 x HP materials

10 x Luck materials

6 x TP materials



Canes -


Glide divine V.00 0/35/35/0



Guns -



Demon Raygun 50/0/0/0/50

Charge Laser 0/0/40/0/40

Blizzard Arms 50/0/50/0/50

Lindcray 40/40/0/0

Lindcray 0/0/0/35

Lindcray 40/30/0/0

Spread Needle 40/0/35/0

Sacred Bow 0/0/40/35

Bringers Rifle 0/0/0/0/50

Heavens Punisher 25/0/0/30

Master Raven 0/0/0/40

Psycho Raven 100/0/100/100

Outlaw Star 50/0/0/0/50

Heavens Striker 0/0/0/30

Rianov 303SNR-2 0/0/35/35/50

Holy Ray 35/0/25/0/30

Rambling May 35/0/0/35

Rambling May 45/0/40/0

Last Swan 50/0/0/0

Last Swan 40/40/0/0

Last Swan 0/0/30/30

Last Swan 35/35/0/0

Serene Swan 40/0/0/0

Serene Swan 0/0/40/0

Serene Swan 0/40/25/0

Serene Swan 0/35/0/30

Serene Swan 0/35/35/0

Serene Swan 40/30/0/0

Serene Swan 45/0/0/30

Cannon Rouge 30/0/0/0

Cannon Rouge 0/0/20/0



Swords -


Stag Cutlery 35/20/0/0/40

Diska of Braveman 40/0/25/0/40

Slicer of Vengence 35/0/0/45

Slicer of Vengence 30/0/0/0

Lavis Cannon 0/0/50/0

Rainbow Baton 0/0/45/0/70

Excalibur 0/0/30/0

Vivienne 0/0/40/0/40

Lame D'argent 0/0/0/0



Shields + Armors


Spirit Garment

Stink Frame

Electro Frame

Smoking Plate

Kroe's Sweater

Dress Plate

Cursed Cloak

Select Cloak

Crimson Coat

Lieutenant Gear

Regenerate Gear

Flowens Shield

Db's Shield

Kasami Bracer

Gops Shield Genbu

Ricos Glasses

Ricos Earings

Purple Ring

Yata mirror

Union Guard


Virus Shield vol opt

DF Field

Morning Prayer

Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou



Units -






Swordsman Lore








Misc - 


Sinow Berills Arms

Cladding of Epsilon

Heart of Morolian

Rappy's Beak

Sorcerers right arm

P-arms arms

Dragon Claw

Belra right arm

Gal gryphons wing

Parasitic Cell Type D

Magic rock moolar

Star amplifier

Kit of hamburger

Kit of mark3

kit of master system

kit of sega saturn

kit of dreamcast

stella shard

Proof of sonic team x 1


love rappy's beak

Ashura mag cell




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