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High End Ranger Gear


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I have most of the stock ranger tools(AN/FS/IF/PR/MM). Looking to hear some input on what some of the more niche ranger gear/weapons to look into may be. Type SH/Shots I've heard mixed reviews on blizzard(is frozen faust better?)? Are Gush Yas 9k worth it for just DF? Is Zalure Launcher the best S rank for zalure? What else is out there to consider?

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Yes S rank launcher is the best s rank for ranger

Of one-hit hell weapons, the best would be yas7k, he has 5 more ata than asteron and I personally love his firing animation

Also Arrest faust is better than frozen, for the simple fact that frozen cannot be accumulated, but arrest yes, if you basically don't understand when you hit special arrest, the effect is reset, but with blizzard that doesn't happen, you have to wait for the effect to wear off so you can use it again.

Yas9k gush with df? I didn't understand that here bro, yas9 is only for rangers and df is only for hunter, but anyway yask9 gush is a "fun" option to use, at least I wouldn't use it, it would be to have something else in the inventory that it will occupy space. A ranger literally only needs Dark meteor, effect weapons like arrest/blizzard and impact weapons like demon/hell, a basic set would be dark meteor+frozen shooter+yas9k demon and with that you can do quite well if you are looking for something cheap. The ranger's job is to impact the game, deal damage and always keep his distance

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i really think snow queen needs more play, would recommend 80 hit tho and i even still bring frozen shooter for certain high evp enemies. when playing ramarl i have found a really sweet combo is hitting a few enemies with snow queen and then swapping to demon type sh/shot and then demons the mob, then swap to dm to finish them off. this works on delbiters gibbles and gigue and many others comes in handy quite a bit. also its pretty satisfying freezing more than one enemy with a shot that goes across the entire room. also sometimes it just shoots one enemy and the floor haha \o/

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gotta think about inventory space too, my ranger uses these and can run anything ( Ramar )

DM x 0 x 0 x

DM 0 x 0 x x

Yas9k charge

Yas9k demon

type/shot hell

type/shot demon


Ultima Reaper

zalure pistol ( swapable to all others )


depending on which ranger you are you can get better results replacing or adding a few of these

like a IF if your cast

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