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Christmas Event 2021


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Ultima Christmas Event 2021





Christmas Event has started and here's the presents list of Santa Claus:


:swo: Asteron Belt

:swo: Chameleon Scythe

:swo: Crazy Tune

:swo: Daisy Chain

:swo: Galatine

:swo: Girasole

:swo: Harisen Battle Fan

:swo: Murasame

:swo: Sonic Knuckle

:swo: Soul Eater

:swo: Toy Hammer

:gun: L&K38 Combat

:gun: Phonon Maser

:gun: Rambling May

:gun: Tension Blaster

:can: Broom

:can: Earth Wand Brownie

:can: Game Magazine

:can: Kunai

:can: Syringe

:can: Valkyrie

:arm: Kroe's Sweater

:shi: DF Shield

:shi: Honeycomb Reflector

:shi: Green Ring

:shi: Blue Ring

:shi: Yellow Ring

:shi: Foie Merge

:shi: Barta Merge

:shi: Zonde Merge

:shi: Gifoie Merge

:shi: Gibarta Merge

:shi: Gizonde Merge

:shi: Rafoie Merge

:shi: Rabarta Merge

:shi: Razonde Merge

:shi: Red Merge

:shi: Blue Merge

:shi: Yellow Merge

:mag: Amitie Memo

:mag: Heart of Morolian

:mag: Tablet


:dis: Christmas Present (from Saint Rappies)

:dis: New Year Card

  • There is nothing you can do with those until the event ends
  • Their new use will be revealed at some point after event

:st2: Parasitic Gene Flow (beware, not an easy drop!)






As a reminder, it is not allowed to use multiple accounts on individual dropstyle in order to get more drops from enemies.


If the Christmas Lobby is not enabled or Love rappies are seen in VR Temple, please inform a GM because this is not intentional.


Happy Hours will be logged (and sometimes announced early) here.


Event will last 30 days and end on January, 23rd of 2022.


Green Name and Experience X5 are enabled for the duration of event.


Thanks to @C01D1 for the banner.



Happy Hunting and Merry Christmas Everybody!



Guide for Seabed free roam:


Guide for World of Illusion quest:



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