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Missing items

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I have finally been able to recover an old account I have not played in years.  I know I had a few decent items like at least 2 Cent/abils on my hunter (Alsten) and items on my Ranger (Alice) and other items throughout. 

As of now I have three characters with literally nothing. no items in inventory at all. 

I have absolutely nothing in character bank, only a few items in the shared storage. 

Missing mags meseta weapons armor etc on all characters but the Hunter. 

Is there a possibility of restoring data from before all the items were missing without knowing when it happened? 

Like I mentioned I have not been able to log into the account for a number of years and the last time I played I remember playing as my Ranger and using a heaven punisher and having a decent Mag, definitely not a good mag... lol but a decent mag. 

Any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated. 

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I'm sorry but I don't think we can do anything for you.
You could have given the items away and you don't remember or someone with access to your account could have taken them.

Also being years ago and not knowing when exactly it would be very difficult.

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