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(Weaps without price send me a pm offer.)


(Grinders x 99:10pd)


99x Luck Material (1:1 or 105:15dt) 

30x HP Mats = 10pd

45x Pow Mats = 9pd

99x Def Mats = 12pd

99x Mind Mats = 12pd

99x Evade mat = 7pd

2x TP mat = 1pd


1x Proof Of Sonic Team (10DT)

1x Stellar Shard (12DT)

1x Harmonic Resonance Core (10DT)



Ophelie Seize 35/0/0/0/40hit (10pd)

Ophelie Seize 0/0/0/40/35hit (10pd)

Gush Vulcan 0/0/0/0/55hit (8pd)

Bamboo Spear 40/0/0/40/55hit (45pd or 6dt)

Flamberge 0/0/35/0/40hit (25pd or 4dt)

Daylight Scar 40/0/0/0/50hit (40pd or 6dt)

Daylight Scar 0/0/40/35/55hit (55pd or 8dt)

Lindcray 0/0/0/55 (20pd or 3dt)

Syringe 20/45/0/40 (14pd or 2dt)

Banana cannon 0/0/0/0/30hit (75pd or 11dt)

Demon Vulcan 0/35/0/0/40hit (12pd or 2 dt)

Rambling May 0/25/0/0/35hit (50pd or 7dt)

Flight Cutter 0/0/0/0/20hit (12pd or 2dt)

Vivienne 35/35/0/0/50hit (50pd or 7dt)

Jizai 0/20/0/0 (10pd)

Rico`s Parasol 45/45/0/0/40hit (60pd or 8dt)

Rianov 303SNR-3 45/0/30/0/40hit (15pd or 2dt)

Charge Gatling 5/0/0/0/50hit (3pd)

Hell Raygun 40/0/0/0/45hit (12pd or 2dt)

Flamberge 0/30/0/0/35hit (18pd or 2dt)

Demon Laser 0/0/0/40/45hit (12pd or 2dt)



Hamburguer 5/149/46/0 (Twins/Doplphin/Angel) (20pd or 3dt)

Chao 40/80/40/40 (Twins/Merald/Moose) (22pd or 3dt)

Pitri 8/172/20/0 (Moose/Dragon/Angel) (18pd or 2dt+4pd)


Parts of Baranz (5pd or 1dt)

Parts of Egg Blaster (5pd or 1dt)

Addslot (2:1pd or 15:1dt)


Shifta 30 (3dp)

Deband 30 (3pd)

Jellen 30 (3pd)

Zalure 30 (3pd)

(or S+D = 5pd) (or J+Z = 5pd) (all 10)

Anti 7 (1pd)

Megid 28 (3pd)






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1 hour ago, Gui said:

Online? quero comprar uns bagulho:ph34r:

Estou sim

1 hour ago, Shiga321 said:

I'll buy when I get off work. 

ok. Im online.

57 minutes ago, Luis_Rivaille said:

i take the egg blaster n-n

Ok.. hehe online?

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1 minute ago, Alphaerasure said:

Ah, no worries, i seemed to have some now, thank you though!

Im online now.. u make a room?

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