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Caniac PD/DT List


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I have a few items for sale. I am currently looking for pds, dts, or items in my wants list. Thanks!

Charge Yas 9k 0/0/0/60 70H   60 DTs

Hell Raygun 0/0/0/0 40H       5 PDs

Summit Moon 0/0/0/5           5 PDs

Mahu 0/0/30/0 55H              2 PDs

Tempest Cloak                     2 PDs

Congeal Cloak                      2 PDs

Blue Merge                          12 PDs

Yellow Merge                       12 PDs

Purple Ring                          5 PDs

Cure/Confuse                       1 PD each

Cure/Shock                          1 PD each

Centurion/Body                    2 PD each

Various 28-29 Techs             1 PD each

Resta 30                              1 PD each

Power Materials (Many)         1:5 rate





Asteron Striker 20+ Hit

Offensive Techs Lvl 30

Min Wedding Dress


Proof of Sonic Team

Megid 27

Ignition Cloak

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36 minutes ago, EDEN said:

Caniac my good sir, your inbox is full and I would like to partake in the purchase of one of your cure/shocks

I'm on now if you want one


35 minutes ago, Noopy said:

I have an, Agito (1975) [20/0/35/0|35] if you want

yes I would like it :) How much?

Edited by Caniac
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