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Sked's Force Tech Damage guide


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TL;DR its quoted because I could not copy and paste what I wrote into format but it surprisingly worked with my phone only if i quoted it.

Welcome to Sked's Force Tech damage guide. I made this because I found that when I first started I was constantly looking up different percentages For Weapons/ Armors and shields to make good combinations. With this guide I have listed EVERY tech item and even included the best possible Base Bonuses (race values not included) for a single Tech. I wanted everyone to be a "Force" to be reckon with. ^_^  

If you are looking for a Force General guide thats here. If you are looking for a guide on Techs that is here or if you're like me and looking to improve yourself take a glance at This

Side note:

  1. I did not include any Psycho Bridge or Dark bridge into my lists because they are the highest/rarest/most expensive tech weapons so I would assume you know their percentages. 

  2. Please help me if I had any incorrect info or if there is any info I need to update, I basically want this guide so that if I got amnesia I could come back and know whats what.

  3. Below is a "Popular Among Fo's" I want this to be top tier stuff/dream list,usefull so if I am missing any can you comment and tell me what it is and why?

  4. I have not included Costumes "yet"


Racial Bonuses

  • Fomar- 30% to Gi Techs and Grants. Also Shift/Deband range x2

  • Fomarl- 50% to Grants. Also Shifta/Deband/Resta/Anti range x2

  • Fonewearl- 30% to all simple techs/megid. Megid penetrates. Also Resta/Anti range x2

  • Fonewm- 30% to all Gi/Ra Techs


Weapons with tech boosts


Armor/Shields with tech boosts



Best possible bonuses per Tech:

Simple Techs

  • Barta-100%(glide V00) + 30%(congeal cloak) + 30% (respective merge) = 160%

  • Zonde-100%(glide V00) + 30%(tempest cloak) + 30% (respective merge)= 160%

  • Foie- 200%(glide V00) + 30%(ignition cloak cloak) + 30% (respective merge)=260%

Normal Techs

  • Gibarta-50% (Sirens Hammer) + 30% (congeal cloak) or 200%(if Fomar with Godric's Cloak) + 30% (respective merge) =110% or 280% (if Fomar)

  • Gizonde-40% (magical piece) +30% (tempest cloak) + 30% (respective merge) = 100%

  • Gifoie-40% (magical piece)+ 30% (ignition cloak)or 35% (if Fomar with Godric's Cloak)  + 30% (respective merge)=100%or 105% if Fomar


Hard Techs

  • Rabarta-45% (psycho wand)+  30%(congeal cloak) or 85%(if Fomar with Godric's Cloak)  + 30% (respective merge)=105% or 160% if Fomar

  • Razonde-45% (psycho wand)+  30%(tempest cloak)+ 60% (hylian shield)=135%

  • Rafoie-45% (psycho wand)+ 30%(ignition cloak)+ 75% (hylian shield)=150%

  • Grants-50% (sacred bow) + 100%(hylian shield)= 150%

  • Megid-demonic fork, cursed cloak, Dirty Life jacket, Ultima Reaper, give pierce with megid.


Heal/support boost

  • Rico's parasol =Boosts Resta/shifta/deband range by 100% (useable by male tech users only)

  • Tyrells parasol= =Boosts Resta/shifta/deband range by 100% (useable by female tech users only)

  • Madam's Parasol=Resta/Anti range by 100% (useable by female tech users only)

  • Striker of Chao=Shifta/deband range by 100% (useable by Forces only)

  • Marina's bag= Resta/Anti range by 100% (useable by female tech users only)

  • Solferino= Resta range by 3% (not a typo) (useable by forces only)

  • Glide Divine= Zalure & jellen range by 100% (useable by forces only)

  • Lindcray=  Resta/Anti range by 100% (useable by all tech users)

Popular Weapons among Fo's

  1. Psycho Bridge

  2. Dark bridge

  3. Psycho wand

  4. Glide DivineV00

  5. Hundred Souls

  6. Lindcray (Ramar and Humar cannot use)

  7. Fire Rod

  8. Banana Cannon

  9. Bombchu

  10. Tyrells parasol

  11. Striker of Chao

  12. Glide Divine

  13. Rico's parasol



Popular setups Among Fo's: Coming Soon...






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In your popular weapons thing you missed:

tyrell's parasol

glide divine

striker of chao

rico's parasol

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15 hours ago, Lemon said:

In your popular weapons thing you missed:

tyrell's parasol

glide divine

striker of chao

rico's parasol


11 hours ago, Virec said:

Also Lindcray is not usuable by all tech users as Ramar and Humar cannot use them. 

Thank you both, I have updated and added those inputs :D

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