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B> fury of the beast and hunewearl mag n items


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Hello everyone! Here is a list of items I'm looking to buy. Pm me with offers or we can make a trade. I'm flexible. Here goes:

Fury of the beast with decent stats or untekked with decent stats - offer/ huge want

Master sword with decent stats or untekked with decent stats. - offer

79 power mats 

35 luck mats - I'm willing to trade for this

11 mind mats - if I buy a ppp mag or

6 mind mats -  if I buy a standard mag

0/147/53/0 ppp mag - 30 PDs or 5dts


5/142/53/0 standard mag - 17pds

spirit garment

magic rock heart key

Centurion arms 

Last swan or charged/ hell suppressed gun


also 53 hp mats

120 tp mats

lvl 20 techs preferably resta, anti, shifta, deband, jellen and zalure

Thank you guys

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