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[GUIDE] obtaining Spirit Garment with Secret Tickets


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Magic Rock "Heart Key" is dropping for this event and I've seen plenty of people wanting to make items from it.  Getting an Invisible Guard for Safety Heart is easy enough from BPD1 (rappy route - hard) but some folk seem to be struggling to get the Spirit Garment to make the Love Heart/Sweetheart.  You can hunt it from several enemies but the drop rate isn't too great.

For all you folk that have been spamming Sim 2.0 (EP 1 - multimode - ultima) THERE IS ANOTHER WAY!!!

Sim 2.0 is only available on ultimate btw.

Finishing the run gives you "secret tickets" (you also sometimes get them for finishing stages within the run.  I usually end up with about 4 or 5 per run) but what do you do with them???

You go to EP1 - oneplayer mode - side quests and load this:


Once the quest has loaded go to forest 1 and talk to the guy by the gate.  Answer the top option when prompted and he'll unlock it for you:


Ignore the wandering rappies for now and talk to the one sitting on the wreckage.  Pick the top option again:


Now talk to one of the other rappies.  Pick the top option once again and you'll be given a random item from the list of rewards:


If you want to get back to Pioneer 2 after this just talk to the rappy on the wreckage again and he'll reopen the gate.

Here is a list of rewards that I managed to pull from the web.  I've not been able to verify all of them but seems correct enough.  Maybe a GM can confirm this at some point?


Red Mechgun 
Red Handgun 
Red Partisan 
Red Dagger
Red Slicer 
Red Sword 
Frozen Shooter
Flowen Sword AUW 3084
Demolition Comet
Yasminkov 2000H
Holy Ray
Imperial Pick
Ancient Saber
Victor Axe
Custom Ray Ver.00
L&K14 Combat
Gae Bolg
Silence Claw
Last Survivor
Aura Field
Brightness Circle
Electro Frame
Parasite Wear Nelgal
Standstill Shield
Star Cuirass
Sacred Cloth
Spirit Garment
Kasami Bracer
Proto Regene Gear
Flowen's Shield
Revival Garment
Photon Drop

All weapons are 0'd and all armour is min just like BPD.  I just ran through 45 tickets in about an hour and got 2 Spirit Garments.

This has been my first guide.  Hope you find it useful.  NOW GO GET LOVED UP 


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Yea the reward list looks similar to what I've seen before elsewhere. The only thing that sucks about the quest is you can only spend 1 ticket at a time, have to remake the quest to spend another ticket. It's nice to have a guide for how to actually do the quest though, since it's all in japanese it can leave people floundering about on their first try.

The other locations for spirit garment aren't all that difficult though, especially for anyone that is actually good enough to do sim 2.0.
The easiest drops for them probably are:
Gibbles 1/46 redria yellowboze
Morfos 1/159 pinkal
Deldepth 1/159 whitill
Del Lily 1/182 redria
The Gibbles one is quite easy, as pw4 starts with 3 in the first room and is not that difficult to clear especially on only vhard, shouldn't take more than 2minutes. It depends whether you want to do that about 15times, or take the time to spend 20-40tickets (there are 35prizes listed, although there is a chance to get pd / kasami bracer / brightness circle / aura field / sacred cloth / yas2k / half-made virus armor i.e. parasite wear nel-gal).

Nice writeup, nice use of screenshots, it's good to have a list for the quest written down somewhere that doesn't get buried as easily. Thank you.

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Yes, during my 45 ticket spending spree I got every item you mentioned bar the virus armour.  Oh well.  At least people know what the tickets are for now at the very least :P

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