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PSO Run Calculator per droprate/time/monster


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hey there,

maybe for some of u this tool can be usefull.

By inputting monsters per run, time per run, and the drop rate you get how many runs you will statistically run and the time it will statistically take to get your drop.

Only 1/x droprates r working (no 3/8)


tool is made by toliveistodie777

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At first I thought this was fishy... then I realized is basically useless...

What this program does is the following

float rate = 1; // This rate is the denominator of the fraction
float monsters = 1;
float minutes = 1;

float runs = rate / monsters;
float hours = (runs * minutes) / 60;

printf("Runs: %f", runs);
printf("Hours: %f", hours);


Basically you can do this with a calculator....
I'm sorry but I'll lock this topic.

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