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  • :gun: BANANA CANNON [35/0/45/0|30] : 35 DTs


  • All your Photon Crystal
  • :arm: Red Odoshi Domaru
  • :arm: Black Odoshi Domaru
  • :swo: Yasha
  • :swo: Heart of Poumn : 50 hit min
  • :swo: Raikiri (min 80 hit please, it's a ROCT reward)
  • :swo: Nei's Claw (real) : 30 hit min
  • :swo: Bamboo Spear : 30 hit min

Also please, since this kind of stuff is rarely sold, I would ask you to tell what's your price. I will haggle depending on the price of course, but don't feel silly to set a "wrong price" because you don't know how much it values. There is no wrong price and I'll not hold it against you, there is just you wanting something and me wanting something else =)

Probably the most expansive in all of that is the Nei's Claw (real), the other stuff are just goodies mostly.

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