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PSO thinks my up arrow key is held down at all times?


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Well I really can't figure this one out. PSO was working great for me before, but I ran into issues when I reinstalled Windows 10 and went to play PSO again. Now, every time I get to the character select screen, the game thinks my "up" arrow is held down. This of course results in having to play roulette with the menus in the game. What's weird is that this glitch only affects PSO, it's only within the menus, it only happens once I get to the character select, and I've already tried doing a fresh install of PSO. 

Any ideas??

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30 minutes ago, Cyane said:

try to check if the drivers for that gamepad are updated

That didn't do it unfortunately... I even tried uninstalling the Xbox 360 controller driver, restarting, then reinstalling it, I tried unistalling PSO, restarting, then uninstalling that as well. I can't figure out what on earth is going on. I'm like tempted to try a fresh install of Windows 10 at this point.

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