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Hey there fellas and gals, it was my birthday recently so I thought I would donate some dosh and get some cool items.

Currently the only thing I have planned is to get a heart of chu chu and maybe another mag cell.

So I was just wondering, anything particularity good that I should get? I don't really want a weapon or something along those lines as I like getting those myself, maybe like a unit or armor.


Have an awesome day~!

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It's not worth getting 99% of the things on the donation list, because they are way overpriced. You are better off trading your DTs for PDs from another player, and then use the PDs to buy what you want from another player.

As for donation items that are actually worth getting, the main thing is upgrading the %s on your weapons. Other good uses are things like custom mags, mat resets, section id changes, etc. If you want lv 30 attack techs, it's nearly impossible to find or trade for these since they almost never drop, so pretty much the only way is to redeem DTs for them. The same is true for an item like Prophets of Motav, which is so incredibly rare and hard to get, the only way to actually get one is to spend DTs.

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whoa there !!!!!! good job you made this post : ) dont use donation tickets for these things as you will be wasting your money , magcells are worth a few pd at best not dts. your best bet is to buy pds from players with your dts then buy the smaller items like mag cells . same go fors units and armours most are worth a few pds with only the high end stuf costing 15 dts plus so look around trade topic and try and buy some pds hope this helps : )

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