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Lost a Red Ring due to server crashing/restarting

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Guildcards: 42157672 and 42097545

Character Slot: 1 and 3 respectively

Date/Time: 18/03/2016 - around 20:45 CET

Description: I was playing Path to Salvation multiclienting with my RA (42157672 slot 1) and FO (42097545 slot 3). I am hunting stuff on Redria, but I always send the Redria FO to the lobby before Dark Falz so I can use the RAs Whitill ID for Red Ring. A Red Ring dropped, I picked it up and created a new room with the FO, had the RA join and only wanted to quickly drop transfer the RR to the FO. I saw her pick it up, but about maybe 5 seconds after that, both clients got disconnected. Turns out the whole server had crashed(?)/restarted at that time.

When I logged in both characters a few minutes after the incident, neither did have that "new" RR in their inventory. Please note though both already did have "their own" RR equipped.

Comments: I took two screenshots in the Dark Falz arena: the first one with the RR still on the ground as the "Happy Hour 60 minutes left" banner was on-screen. I then picked it up but since the HH banner was still active, my "Polar has found a RR" announcement banner got queued so I waited a few seconds until it appeared and took a screenshot of that. As my screenshot file names include the exact time (I use Fraps for screenshots, not the PSO BMP folder), the server logs should show a RR drop somwhere around 20:39 CET time on Guildcard 42157672.

The two screenshots (note the file names):



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