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Crashing Issue


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I've been having a strange problem, and it doesn't seem to happen all the time (around 50%-75% of the time though). While fighting Dark Falz in his 3rd form, when he gets to the point after taking enough damage and right before he would start the Soul Steal move cycle (for the first time) he moves to the upper area to begin casting and I crash before he sends his homing shots. It has been fairly consistent and don't know if it has something to do with my files, Falz himself, or something within the PTS/TTF/or other quest that causes it to crash (happens more often in PTS, did PTS a lot even before the halloween event as well and had issues then). It is less consistant on standard runs without a quest, but still fairly common in TTF and other quests that have you fight Falz.

If Falz completes the first cycle in the Soul Steal move, it has no issues beyond that and continues normally. Did a reinstall, same issue. I can deal with it, however it is very frustrating.


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Try to force a patch on your game, could be a desync issue or something, change blocks often and make sure your internet is ok, I have bosses that become endless or just crash me after a while without acting normal when my internet is acting up.

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